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  • Damajah - 13 years ago

    The Democrats have allowed the Republicans and their sycophants to gain control of a false narrative...that somehow, the mess we're in, happened overnight. This leads me to believe that either the Democrats don't see any danger to the momentum this narrative is building and that they understand how fickle the vox populi can be, or they are just conserving their resources for the big fight in November. President Obama may have made a mistake by avoiding the spectacle of a public trials...the unwashed masses needed closure, and they didn't get it. Contrary to popular belief, I can't see any evidence of a drastic shift in the tidal wave that swept President Obama into office, and I believe it is a mistake for Democrat candidates to allow their opponents to run against President Obama, instead of their own records. In any case, I hope Lisa's campaign begins to pick up more steam, and her opponent starts to figure out, that he's in for a fight.

  • Craig Rich - 13 years ago

    Rep. Jerry Moran has bragged that he has voted "NO" on practically every piece of legislation proposed by Democrats, White House and even bipartisian legislation. He is the "poster child" of the party of NO. Now, what can we do keep this country moving foward? Lisa Johnston needs you money, your time and especially you VOTE. Send money on line or with a mailer from Lisa. Let Lisa's campaign know you want to help her, no matter if it is just an hour a week. Keep checking Facebook and your emails for updates in this very important campaign. More information will be coming out very soon and did I mention we all must dig deep and send money. Mr. Moran is well financed by big business, wall street and those in the ultra right wing. Lisa Johnston proves that the "best man for the job is a WOMAN" and Lisa is the BEST

  • Michael Carter - 13 years ago

    If I can do anything to help you just let me know.

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