WWE RAW 8-16-10

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  • Real Wrestling fan - 10 years ago

    Everyone, please just STOP WATCHING! That's all there is to it! And,while you're stop watching this wrestling, watch TNA, the company that's growing and growing!

  • Michael Cole - 10 years ago

    Excuse me, I have just received an email. It reads, and I quote, " You fans think you have all of the answers. YOU RIGHT. We at the WWE are in the ENTERTAINMENT business. And I am not referring to you children who for some silly reason still watch us. We are here to entertain GROWN UPS. We could care about your opinions of our shows. Just look at the facts. Who else could actually get "Brian" and " WWEPIC FAIL" tag team match and get away with it? Or give you such classics like HBK and Bert Hart? Or have the grapefruits to book John Cena in main events? Or give you the sexxy woman kissing NXT rookies all over again? Us at WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT. GM OUT!"

  • Michael Cole - 10 years ago

    Excuse me, I have just received an email. It reads, and I quote, " You smarks think you have all of the answers. WRONG. We at the WWE are in the ENTERTAINMENT business. And I am not referring to you adults who for some silly reason still watch us. We are here to entertain CHILDREN. We could careless about your opinions of our shows. Just look at the facts. Who else could actually put on a Brady Bunch tag team match and get away with it? Or give you such classics like The Great Khaluber and Hornswoggle? Or have the grapefruits to book Bret Hart in main events? Or give you the tough woman chasing Santino all over again? Us at WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT. GM OUT!

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    Someone needs to convince McMahon that the world won't come to an end if Cena loses a match. Trust me when I say that his t shirts will still sell, fans will still buy tickets to the arena and they will still flock to WWE.com for their daily dose of kool-aid I mean wrestling info. And this isn't Cena's fault so while I see a lot of hate directed at him people need to blame Vince and his writing team for all this. Cena is just an employee doing what he is told to do. If they gave him a better story and material to work with he would probably shine with it.

  • DT - 10 years ago

    Another night where super cena must have his phony win so most of his marks can feel better about themselves at the end of the show. WWE is a joke.

  • Rob79 - 10 years ago

    I thought it was a weak Raw following a great Summerslam PPV.....instead of getting rid of a nexus member, I felt like they needed to make a bold move. On the other hand I'm looking forward to this feud between Miz and Daniel Bryan, if handled right, this could be one of the best feuds in the WWE in years, plus you got Michael Cole hating on Daniel Bryan, that just adds fuel to the fire.

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    To make RAW (and the WWE as a whole better) they need to 1) create a lot of new tag teams and showcase tag team wrestling once again 2) take the muzzle off the wrestlers and let them speak on the mic without having to adhere to a terribly written script 3) differentiate the characters as everyone seems to be trying to play the arrogant tough guy heel gimmick and almost none of them can pull it off 4) start moving Swagger, Punk, Christian, Miz into the main event picture alongside Orton, Sheamus, Kane, Taker, Big Show, Mysterio 5) elevate Danielson, Bourne, Morrison, Truth, DiBiase, Rhodes, MVP to the upper tier of the card with Kofi and Ziggler with meaningful feuds and US/Intercontinental title shots. And the single most important thing they need to do is not only keep Cena (and HHH) away from the title picture but also turn the man heel already. His time as a face is done. There is nothing more he can do as a face and the fans are bored with him and I'm sure he is bored with the gimmick as well. Give the man a new challenge. Let him try to become the top heel of the company. I don't hate Cena because the man does try and he does care but at the end of the day he takes his direction from WWE management and is forced to comply with their wishes of him being a watered down Hulk Hogan. I used to love his heel white rapper gimmick and during that time he actually developed a large fan base which forced them to turn him face. Now the fans boo him and yet WWE won't take the hint that the fans want to see something else.

  • WWEPIC FAIL - 10 years ago

    Quick solution for Raws problems. Fire creative. Bring in writers with prior wrestling business experience. Raw's like watching a bad movie followed by shitty sequels every week. Even the PPV's suck.

  • david - 10 years ago

    right on lee. ever notice how almost no one in the crowd pops for the heels, cause cena is given all the insult humor to bury them and right after he won. all they get is corny melodrama for him to make fun of. it should be the heels who insult and put down. wwe just shits all over old school booking and thinks they can do whatever they want.. fucked up.. how many nexus shirts you see one or two. back in the day fucking everyone had a nwo shirt.what they dont want their heels to be over wtf.

  • Brian - 10 years ago

    Lee, very good points. Raw is certainly lacking characters these days (ironic since characters are welcome on USA network). As much as I hate the guy Cena does play his role of the super human baby face as well as he can. Barrett is able to pull off the smug arrogant heel role nicely. The rest of Nexus though are too soft spoken, don't have that tough guy look or just plain can't talk on the mic and that is where the angle starts to fall flat. Also John Morrison could be the next HBK if they'd let him add a little edge to his character. Maybe a heel turn on his partner R Truth would be a good way to let Morrison shine as well as give the 2 a good feud to work over the next few months. Edge and Jericho just do not work as faces. They are much funnier when they are demeaning the audience and their opponents. The 2 of them should be put into a tag program against the Usos (if they are even still on the roster), Hart Dynasty and... well I guess that is all the tag teams in the entire WWE. Which leads to me to my next point. WWE needs to create some tag teams. And actual ones. Not just 2 guys slapped together going by the team name of "wrestler A" and "wrestler B". They need real team names. I never understood how a few years back they refused to call London and Kendrick the Hooligans. And you need a variety of teams as well. You need a comedy team, a power house team, a team of high flyers, a team of mat based grapplers, etc. Add in a little variety and Raw would be a much better show.

  • Lee - 10 years ago

    I'm not going to go the name calling route and say something sucks, etc.

    My problem with Raw last night is the same I am having with a lot of the WWE right now.

    By having Nexus lose at Summerslam they had to write last night's show for WWE to lose all matches until the last one. Booking monster heels effectively means heels have to continue winning until the crowd/fans will PAY to SEE THEM LOSE. Nexus has not been around long enough to build that passion. Now, with the loss at Summerslam, the writers have backed themselves into a corner. How to rebuild Nexus? With the simple difference of Cena losing at SS this would not be a problem. But now it is.

    This is what happens when you put green wrestlers in a focused slot before they have matured as performers. Only Barrett has shown the proper ability to talk.

    Which brings up another issue I have.

    ALL of the heels sound alike, and almost no faces are getting microphone time outside of Cena. It seems everyone is trying to do an Arn Anderson type of heel promo, but none of them have the all around talking skills Arn did.

    And what ever happened to the concept of a humorous heel? This has completely disappeared. Please, WWE, let Jericho and/or Edge go back to what made them so popular. Let them MAKE FUN of someone. Without DX, Cena is the only one even attempting humor.

    This is why Raw is so stagnant right now. All of the wrestlers are trying to be the same type of performer, a tough guy heel with ego. That works with a few wrestlers, but they are all blending together right now.

    The writers need to take a step back and remember how successful the original Attitude period worked, by incorporating the natural personalities of the wrestlers into their characters. Cena still holds on to that, but how many others can make that claim today?

  • Archangel - 10 years ago

    There's no need to fear...Superman Cena is here!!! Everyone can take a lost except for Cena!? Child Please!!! I thought went the bogus e-mail was received when the Hart Dynasty came out, I thought they were going to get rid of the belts and say the tag team division is official over!!! When was the last time they were put on the line? They brought iin the Uso's and now they are gone and then they have the chick come out and feel on Santino? I thought she was going into the ring to destroy him!! She went from a tough chick to now someone who has a crush on him. No more 24 and re-runs of CSI: Miami...DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!

  • Andrew - 10 years ago

    "the wrestler" is right. If you hate raw, why do you guys watch it every week????????? Just stop watching raw and watch the other wrestling shows on tv.

  • The Wrestler - 10 years ago

    For some reason everytime I come on this site its the same people complaining that Raw sucks and it's a joke but yet every week you guys still watch it, and if you didn't watch it you can't say it sucked. Have a good day.

  • Return - 10 years ago

    This is the first time I have watched Raw in probably about 5 years and a lot has changed. But for anybody out there to say the show is a joke or was bad is still complaining for the sake of complaining. The show had action, I don't care if some of you think Cena wins to much and could predict his wins, that does not make a bad show. I'm no Cena fan but he is there superstar right now so get over it. I can predict who is going to win 90% of the UFC fights or 90% of football or hockey games it doesn't make it any less exciting, if it does then your watching for the wrong reasons anyways.

  • Cena's fanboys - 10 years ago

    We taking over this poll and we all voting Thumbs Up. We have our Cena underwear and PJ on tonight and we out number you haters on this poll. GO CENA!!!!!

  • Cena sucks - 10 years ago

    Whoever gave this a Thumbs Up are the ones wearing Superman Cena underwear, prancing around, excited everytime he comes on (just as he's probably as excited when he sees little boys). What a joke tonight.

  • tna still sucks is illiterate - 10 years ago

    nextus are finish....my boy friend john cena will rule the wwe forever. i have bought your new PJ and can't wait until next raw to see you. GO CENA!!!!

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