Can You "Over Link" Your Internal Links?


  • Colin - 14 years ago

    Agree with Jonah above, if you think sticking a huge list of keywords in your sidebar or footer isn't hurting your SEO you need to wake up!

  • Jonah Stein - 14 years ago

    Spammy looking footers are now definitely bad for you as of at least 2008, as are lists of links with tightly aligned anchor text. If I am going to link out to 25 locations on the page, say chiropractors, my links are going to be 25 "City_Name" or possibly "City_Name State" instead of "City_Name Keyword" or "City_Name State Keyword", because a list that looks like this looks spammy:

    New York City Chiropractor
    Brooklyn Chiropractor
    Edison Chiropractor

    If it looks spammy, Google probably thinks it is.

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