I would:

  • Person People - 9 years ago

    The island choice is a no-brainer because people are just plain dumb. I would love to get as far away as possible from them.

  • Mitchell - 10 years ago

    I remember distinctly that danny donkey did something similar where he put all the stupid people on an island.
    make a poll like that: Where would you put all the stupid people/idiots? might generate some interesting responses

  • Tom - 10 years ago

    I'm assuming by "all the supplies I'd ever need" that it includes my Kindle... and two Emperor Penguins to carry around.

  • Miriam - 10 years ago

    'Tis a brilliant question from the synapses of our stripper. The well being of the emporer penguins would concern me, and I don't think the scores of Berke Breathed comics I have enjoyed would suffice for proper care of penguins. I don't think I would require much on a desert island: toilet paper (or a couple how-to lessons in things not discussed in polite society), a couple books, some Tab...

  • Clayton - 10 years ago

    Hmm... with the proper supplies, you could build robotic companions on the island...

  • Peteyb - 10 years ago

    I know what rat would choose...

  • Liz - 10 years ago

    I . . . really . . . enjoy . . . no . . really, do enjoy . . oops . . penguin slipped . . carrying these . . pen . . .oops, get back here! . . .penguins under bo . . both . . penguine-BACK! . . both arms. . .yeah . .I . .do . . hard to ty . . pe . . with pen . .guins . . under . . arms.

  • JM - 10 years ago

    I think it says something about Pastis fans that so many people responding to this figured out that the reasonable dodge was option #3. I have a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, and believe me, not that many people normally give the "option #3" consideration that much weight! Stephan, you've either got a larger than average number of very smart or very canny fans out there (well, at least 40% worth) . . .plus a large chunk who like penguins a bit too much ! ; D

  • Anotherexlawyer - 10 years ago

    My cat mr. Cruikshank has a large pink belly that covers his hind feet when he sits. We call it the egg sack because u can warm your hand or incubate eggs under it. I'd carry around the penguin because I'd miss the egg sack.

  • Anez - 10 years ago

    As Long As I dont ahve to choose between the options ..... .....Stephan I think This is a Brilliant Question! :)

  • Tamara Holland - 10 years ago

    What am I missing? How is anyone voting for the penguin option? Isn't it a requirement for "Pearls" lovers to be misanthropic -- and therefore, isn't the desert island option really our heart's desire in the first place?

  • Oh, wait - 10 years ago

    Oh, I thought the third option was sarcastic, so I picked that. I also would rather do neither, as I don't want to spend the rest of my life trailing around in penguin shit, and the internet reception is probably terrible on that island.

  • susan - 10 years ago

    i asked my hubby this. he said he'd like to punch you in the face for coming up with this question. so i voted island.

  • J C - 10 years ago

    wow, you have a lot more people kissing your ass here than i expected. either that or they can't make a decision on the first two options.

  • Fry - 10 years ago

    Will my stuff be left on the island for people to discover two centuries after I die? Will I then be touted as a brilliant, direct source for how humans lived and thought in my time? Well, even if that isn't the case, I'm taking the island. Nuts to the penguins, I'd probably have to feed them.

  • AngryBobUndied - 10 years ago

    So far, about 38.69% of responders to this poll are suck-ups from what I can tell. I think the penguins would be a good talking point, if you could come up with a good-enough story. They could also be your own personal ferry at the beach!

  • Danny the Donkey - 10 years ago


  • Nomad - 10 years ago

    A quarter would like to spend their lives with an emperor penguin under each armpit? Sheesh! I knew the world had a lot of weirdos, but the fact that they make up a fourth of the total population is a but of a surprise..... or is it?

  • Robert - 10 years ago

    Zoo City rules!!!
    => In Lauren Beukes' novel "Zoo City" there are a lot of people who must carry around an animal all of the time.
    The penguin is the animal of an Afghan warlord. I heartily recommend the book (will be published in the US in Dec/Jan)

    I would carry around ONE emperor and carry on.

  • Diane - 10 years ago

    I don't think I'd like an emperor penguin to try and mate with my armpit. Or with each other while I'm holding them.

    Try carrying a cat under each arm for 20 minutes. You would then most likely choose the island. And I want maid service on that island (I wouldn't have to see them). Don't forget the satellite TV and a DVR either.

  • Cody - 10 years ago

    I hate people.

  • Eric J. Krause - 10 years ago

    The desert island sounds lovely. I'd choose that over keeping my current life without the penguins...

  • Janet - 10 years ago

    Penguins are adorable. You'd learn to love them. They aren't mean like Rat!

  • TechyDad - 10 years ago

    By "all the supplies you'll ever need", I'm guessing you mean a laptop computer with a webcam, great WiFi signal and some source of power (don't want the batteries dying during my first day in the island). Also, a hut with air conditioning/heating (depending on the temperature outside) and some sore of pest repellent system (out, you mosquitos, out). Oh, yeah... I'd probably need food and water too. If you mean all of that, then the island one.

  • Victoria - 10 years ago

    1) HOW heavy are the penguins, and 2) WILL YOU BE TAKING OFF YOUR SHIRT????

  • Hildred - 10 years ago

    Are you leaving Staci and the children home( hypothetically,)Stephan?

  • . - 10 years ago


  • Kyle - 10 years ago

    Under 200 votes and 42% are just as happy being anti-social as you or me, Stephan!

  • Brett - 10 years ago

    ... mean, too...

  • David, Chandler, AZ - 10 years ago

    Those suckers are BIG!

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