If you had to choose between Mariah and Paula to ramble on 'American Idol,' who'd win?

Posted 8 years.


  • Nezzie - 8 years ago

    I think Mariah knows more about music then Paula does, Paula knows how to dance, and Mariah knows how to sing. Mariah puts more feeling in her music, therefore I think she would be a better judge then Paula. Ater all American Idol is all about who can sing and who can't, and Mariah is a much better singer then Paula by far. My vote is for Mariah!!

  • pj - 8 years ago

    I agree! Mariah Carey is FULL of HERSELF! I will quit watching all together if she joins the cast of judges. Simon was the only one who truly knew what he was doing!

    Paula was good for the contestants.

    Randy - just agrees with everyone else.

    Ellen - I enjoyed her.

  • DON - 8 years ago

    If people are going to compare these two and don't think Mariah is a bigger star and i would have to say a super star.She has more hits then Paula and besides idol certainly more well known.If your being fair ,and i do like Paula also,but Mariah will be an asset to idol!

  • Michael - 8 years ago

    I agree with Miche and Shane. Mariah is full of herself. She is a good singer, but she doesn't add flair. Paula is a singer, dancer, and choreographer. She has done alot more than Mariah on terms of writing music (including the #1 hit for Kylie Minogue). I could see Mariah sayin' stuff like, "If that were me" or "I would have done". I miss Paula and Simon - they were a good team. I can't wait until Paula comes out with another album.

  • Micha - 8 years ago

    Paula is great, Mariah Carey is so full of herself there is little room for Idol members to move... Paula is fun and Mariah is like a drug of a different kind... Paula Abdul has the better vib and is not as slured in speach if you know what I mean. Paula Abdul is heads up the better of the two in public, and idol will mean Public.

  • shane merkel - 8 years ago

    frist I do not think of it as a step down for Mariah, I do miss Paula though its just not the same. And now without Simon I probabauly won"t watch it after watching it from the begining. NO Simon. NO Paula. and no me.{or my mom.} SORRY IDOL.

  • scott - 8 years ago

    First of all don't compare the one and only Mariah Carey to Paula Abdul. I like Paula but she is no where near being in the same League as Mariah. Mariah is a Legend and in a league of her own. Frankly I think it would be a step down for Mariah to do Idol but if she is given the oppurtunity she may take it to reboost herself after her last albulm. She would certainly be the biggest celebrity asset the show would ever have.

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