Are Chileans Rude & Unfriendly (Poll Closed)

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  • Anton - 6 weeks ago

    Not all but a majority of Chileans are the following
    -self absorbed
    -rude and arrogant
    -money absorbed
    -no respect in general
    -lazy and hot headed
    -a lack of understanding other cultures
    -"the world revolves around me" attitude
    Opinions based on experience.

  • Andre J - 3 years ago

    ^^^^ Typical ignorant chilean. You must be living in a Chile from am alternate dimensiom if you think the education here is better than in the US.

  • Chilena - 4 years ago

    We don't like immigrants. They great us badly when we were refugees in the 70s and 80s, we don't like gringos yankis (USA) but most of us don't care about Brits. We dislike economic immigrants, we recieve well the refugees and never mess with the Chinese, Koreans or Palestinian.

  • Noimporta - 4 years ago


    Aprende inglés primero, después opina weás. Resentido de mierda. Stay in Chile asshole (you told me to call you that.)

  • Carlos - 6 years ago

    Thank god . For born in chile..:)

  • Carlos - 6 years ago

    Lol. Is so funny see the US and Uk people talk about our country Chile.. We are arrogant and nasty maybe with people like you US and Uk.. We are no prepotent. Like you . We don't invade other country with the force. We don't steel anything from other country like you... What can we thing about US. Well . They are very ignorant. US And UK. They thing are the best of the best... That is prepotent nasty. You talking about discrimination to other. Let me tell you. In US . To black people . You calling nigger. What is that?? No racist shit? UK people. You wash you mouth we you talk bad about chile.. That to chile you got
    Falkland island.. If you thing we are rude arrogant.. Look your self. First US and UK... Anyway we have better education . Then US... Fanny thing the US when they to invade another country they have to see in the map . Where is the country . Because they don't know shit.. Lol . Please if you don't like chile. Don't come to my country. We don't need stupid shit like you US and UK. And we don't need more Peruvians , Bolivians and argentineans. And now call me rude assholes

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