Do you think Sidney Crosby is a dirty player?

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Posted 9 years.

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  • Ken - 7 years ago

    Not so easy to know what to think, is it, unless you have the welts and bruises, the pain to know first-hand.
    Every major sport I played had dirty moments so it is hard to get rid of. You learn to take it when younger but also to watch out for the more severe moments, try, that is try to avoid them. Hopefully Crosby will not pull any of these.
    On some level, I am sure he is giving back some of what he has received over the years, a product of what he has gone through on the way up, and it must have been a lot.
    It is no picnic getting to the NHL.
    Fans who know of the great Gordie Howe's style of game will understand that he was judged the toughest player for the first century because the game is so tough period.
    I am not sure other sports have this category of voting when summarizing their histories.
    Those who play, pay the price, the question always, where to draw the line on violence.
    The game must always police itself, be on the watch.
    Every night the game is like a play, without anyone knowing the outcome or quite how it will be achieved.

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