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Which conservative needs your money? (Poll Closed)

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  • michelle ruggiero - 12 years ago

    Barney Frank is far too liberal & wields too much power in Congress..removing Barney & replacing him with SEAN BIELAT will have the most impact on the House of Representatives. Barney Frank is a dirty politician & has total disregard of the American taxpayer & freely squanders their money on his own agenda. Vote for Sean's going to take a Marine to undue the damage Barney Frank has done.

  • Doug White - 12 years ago

    One needs to remember that Massachusetts invented "gerrymandering". That being said, its time to return our "roadkill" shaped district to sanity by voting for Sean Bielat. Please support him so we can retire Barney.

  • Bill Thompson - 12 years ago

    Nothing means more than taking out Barney Frank. Sean is the one to do it. Please support Sean Bielat.

  • shgrant - 12 years ago

    VOTE FOR SEAN BIELAT AND RETIRE BARNEY! For all the reasons in earlier comments: 1. Sean's a great person and strong candidate, 2. he will bring fiscal responsibility and a common sense attitude to the US Senate, 3. he will work hard to stop the hemorrhaging of money and benefits our economy (and the dwindling middle class) cannot afford, 4. he will perform a public service by retiring Barney Frank, who has been in his job over 30 years (in large part due to the gerrymandering of his district to protect his seat) and who had a huge part in the national mortgage collapse. PLEASE VOTE IN THE SEPT 14 PRIMARY!

  • SARA & MIKE - 12 years ago


  • Go Sean!! - 12 years ago

    Sean Bielat is the one to vote for. He can beat Barney Frank!!!!

  • Mark - 12 years ago

    I know Sean Bielat, he is a great candidate, and certainly deserves our support. And no Congressman deserves to lose his job more than Barney Frank in MA4. But someone that is a close second is in the district right next door to Barney: Ed Markey in MA7. For leading the charge for cap-and-tax, and for supporting socialized healthcare, union bailouts, and the failed economic policies of Obama, Ed Markey is right up there. He too has a credible challenger: Gerry Dembrowski ( Some financial support for both, and perhaps we can knock out the Frank/Markey duo!

  • Charlie Wolf - 12 years ago

    Every election and every vote counts, but I have a hard time thinking of another candidate in any non presidential cycle election that meant as much as getting Barney Frank out of office and out of our finances. It is frightening to think how he would interpret his re-election and how much more damage he could do if re-elected.
    Money spent to elect Sean Bielat will pay dividends for you and future generations.

  • Mark Sweeney - 12 years ago

    I am so happy my district (Mass 4th) finally has such a strong candidate as Sean Bielat to take on and beat Barney Frank after all these years. If you boil it all down, Barney and Chris Dodd are responsible for the current fiscal crisis we have been in since 2008. Barney demanded banks give loans to too many people who couldn't afford them and now we are in the middle of a crisis that will not "die". Dodd has decided to retire and now it's time to retire Barney too. I will have a bumpersticker on my car and a yard sign on my lawn real soon. Thanks Sean, you are a God send !!!!

  • John LaRosa - 12 years ago

    Michelle Malkin supports Sean Bielat (@SeanBielat on Twitter)!!! I love Ilario too--another US Marine and man of honor who I always promote online--but in this one poll, I have to support Sean. Barney has millions of dollars in special interest money, a gerrymandered district and a brain dead MSM. Sean needs all the help he can get to "retire" one of the most hated liberals in America!

  • Redhead Infidel - 12 years ago

    I'd like to send some money Ilario Pantano's way. He's taking on a Democrat dynasty seat in NC-07 that they have counted on as an entitlement seat for over 140 years! That's CRAZY! And he's mounted a strong challenge that is worrying the heck out of the compromised incumbent "Blue Dog Democrat" (even though we know such a thing doesn't exist!

    Check him out at

    And yes, Bahnee Fwank needs to be made into a very ugly footnote of history.

  • John LaRosa - 12 years ago

    Solid candidates here, but I am actively supporting Sean Bielat against Barney Frank. Three decades of Barney is quite enough, wouldn't you say? I know the Bielat team. Great organization. Great message. Great enthusiasm. All they need is some national exposure/donations and they can do this!

    Fannie/Freddie/OneUnited scandals, health care boondoggle, nearly 100% support of Obama and Pelosi on both domestic and foreign policy, total arrogance/disdain for the will of the people--the list goes on and on--BARNEY NEEDS TO GO!

  • Ed - 12 years ago

    3 words: Retire. Barney. Frank.

    And Sean Bielat is the man to do it! Support Sean and make it happen!

  • Jason Stanley - 12 years ago

    Sean Bielat is the candidate to put your money behind. He is the first viable challenger to BARNEY FRANK in over 20 years. He served four years as an active-duty Marine Officer and currently serves in the Marine Reserves as a Major. He holds a BA from Georgetown, a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at UPenn. This is the year to retire barney. Please cast a vote for Sean and visit

  • Kelley H - 12 years ago

    Mike Keown needs your help! He is running against a liberal 18 year incumbent who is completely out of touch with how we want to be represented. We want new representation in Washington! Mike is a true conservative and the underdog with a great chance. Check out his website

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