As a Muslim woman wearing the hijaab, niqaab or jilbaab, does this clothing oppress you?
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  • Wheresashtiani - 11 years ago

    We all know why you "force" your women to hide in a burqa. Because when they are unattractive in your eyes, you don't want the other men laughing at you. And when they are beautiful, you're afraid other men will steal them from you. If you treated your women with love, honor, and true respect they would never leave you. If you truly loved, honored, and respected your woman as an equal human being, her appearance wouldn't make any difference to you, nor would what other people think. But after you treat them like 3rd class citizens what do you expect Mr. Macho Man? Everything you do towards your women says you believe they are less than you, you don't trust them, and you don't trust each other. What other society makes it a sport to punish people for infidelity? Not a sport you say! What do you call burying sacked people in the earth up to their neck, and throwing rocks at them: if they wiggle free they are commuted, if not they die an agonizing death. It's a stupid barbaric, heartless, tradition that is disrespectful of the Creators work. It is a despicable, evil, callous, mean act intended to instill fear to force women to submit to the most vile, prehistoric, savagely wicked superstitions of a few self declared so called holy MEN! Men who want to control your rights as a human being, and want to force you to keep your woman in line. But women are not 3rd class citizens. They are fully human and equal to any man in the eyes of God. They are precious as all beings are. They represent the Holy dwelling place of initial life, they are God's ultimate creation on earth. And yet your men force them to hide under blanket clothing, and you throw stones at them for doing what is human to do. Your men hit them with whips, and beat them for attempting to express their God given freedom and right to be and do whomever and whatever they are. Doing so, so you can sit on your fat asses, suck on your stupor making hash pipes, while forcing them through fear to serve your every whim. Set your women free, let them live as free mature capable human beings, they are not things that you own. They are given by God to be loved and cared respectfully for, even as you are.

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