BLOGGER PALOOZA: Vote for your favourite!

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  • Shannet Tyge - 11 years ago

    What does it say after vote ?

  • Shannet Tyge - 11 years ago

    voted,I hope :)

  • Cheree Robinson - 11 years ago

    still not working

  • Michelle Stringer - 11 years ago

    Yay... finally voted!!!!! :0)

  • Marnie Evans - 11 years ago

    After I click on the one I want to vote for...what do I press to submit it?

  • Cheree Robinson - 11 years ago

    yep votes stuffing up again!

  • Michelle Stringer - 11 years ago

    Why can't I vote....?

  • Shaun Hunter - 11 years ago

    I know of 4 people that have said they have voted for Amelia that have not registered as votes????

  • Trae Flett - 11 years ago

    ooh this is exciting!!!

  • Chantelle Ellem - 11 years ago

    They have to like the Poll Daddy application first. There are just over 4 days left to vote so gather as many votes as you can! x

  • Cheree Robinson - 11 years ago

    Caitlyn I've had the same issue..

  • Hana Turner - 11 years ago

    I voted for Nelbe: Parenting is a public job :)

  • Natalie Caruso - 11 years ago

    Vote for me - rimi76!!! Puhlease x

  • Jacqui Honeywood - 11 years ago

    oh there must be something wrong -my CRAP's only got one vote (and that was me - I didn't want to get a zero vote count!!) so there's definately something wrong hahahahahahahahah snort hahahaha

  • Caitlyn Nicholas - 11 years ago

    People are telling me that they're trying to vote but getting error messages, or telling me they have voted but I'm still sitting on 6 votes - anyone else having this problem?

  • Emma Sparnon - 11 years ago

    Vote me for :) haha. good Luck ladies

  • Amanda Zieba - 11 years ago

    Vote for me... hehehehe

  • Naomi Ellis - 11 years ago

    wow! this is going to be fun to watch the percentages increase :) good luck ladies xx

  • Dorothy Krajewski - 11 years ago

    Thank you to whoever voted for me - funnily enough I didn't vote for myself...

  • Angie Cross - 11 years ago

    hmmm toushka, can u give me just a little hint lol. Loved your blog made me laugh as usual. Good luck

  • Toushka Abrams - 11 years ago

    Guess which one I voted for?

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