Who should get access to EAP?


  • Rahul Srivastava - 13 years ago

    Adam is primarily a non-techie device targeted towards people who use it for casual entertainment like surfing, reading, listening to music and watching movies. Usability should have utmost priority in terms of non-functional requirements. This can be only tested by actual customers. They will bring out issues for which most beta-testers and app devs will find a workarounds for.

  • Shadi Wadi - 13 years ago

    I have to agree with few of teh comments here a mix user base is what you need.
    1) App development are needed to enhance Adam
    2) Beta tester to give you fast feedbacks on bugs encountered
    3) End users for two things:
    a) Real life use of device and feedbacks
    b) Generating more "buzz" either between business people who travel and/or college campus

  • Darryl - 13 years ago

    There are certain large enterprises which may find such a device interesting to be consider as part of the arsenal of sales rep technology - could be a very key part. The idea (not unlike what is often being hyped) is using Adam with SaaS apps and perhaps a few local apps - this is from the perspective of an enterprise user. Large enterprises can provide feedback as to how well, or what additional advancements would be necessary to adopt the device - this is a very different perspective from pure developer and a consumer. Those large enterprise people also happen to be consumers...and consumers can be customers of these large enterprises which provide products and services to the consumers who use the Adam device.

    So, large enterprises can provide some interesting feedback from multiple perspectives.

  • nonie - 13 years ago

    I am not a developer, but if there is one in my area, I'd be happy to volunteer to be a beta tester. I'm in Florida, USA.

  • Claus - 13 years ago

    I believe the dev's should have first go at testing the device.
    1. Developers and software testers know what to look for, and how to test a specific function.
    2. Developers are used to debugging and logging errors, which makes it a lot easier to recreate the bug for Notion Ink.
    3. We are at the mercy of developers, if no good software is made for the device, us - the users - will have to live with the standard Android apps.
    4. This gives the developers the opportunity to test their products on the device before, and thus have reliable software on the market faster.

    That said, you can't test a product completely without placing it in the hands of your grandmother, and ask her to use it without help, so users are also needed, but mostly for ui stuff.

  • Caleb - 13 years ago

    I believe that EAP should be evenly spread between Application Devs, Beta Testers, and Real life consumers. All three of these groups use products on a different level, the end levels being app dev and consumer. I'm going to use the HTC evo as an example here. App devs will tend to find issues while writing different types of apps for the device. With the evo I remember there being an issue in the dev world because it was locked at 30fps. Now the average consumer isn't going to notice a huge difference, but it affects the devs ability to write apps that need faster then 30fps. Beta testers are going to be the people who run the device through stress tests, find out what it can take, what makes it crash and why (hopefully with logs). Now in my opinion, both the dev world and the beta tester world are going to be very tech savvy. The average consumer on the other hand may be tech savvy or may not be. The average consumer is going to be the people who will find usability gripes that the devs or testers might overlook because they just know how to works.

  • Ben - 13 years ago

    I have been watching the development of notion ink adam for almost a year not. I believe you guys are on the right track. Developers most definitely need it first, because the masses are gonna want a load of apps by the arrival of the NIA. Now that android announced the market will not be on most tablets, you guys are gonna have alot of work ahead of you. My only request , the same as almost a year ago, please put some focus on the digital keyboard, it will make your break my dedication to this device. Good luck

  • Bill Blakeney - 13 years ago

    This blog is exactly why I voted for App developers AND pre-ordering consumers to get EAP access!

  • M.Nagarajan - 13 years ago

    Novice like me should test this tablet, since usage pattern may differ from user to user. more varied usage pattern means more useful feedback. more over we tend to do lot of unknown things which will result in actual capabilities of this machine. goodluck

  • eDoug - 13 years ago

    Why not simplify your decision and base the percentages on the actual percentages of your survey. Yes, logic and arguments work well. But, in some cases the simplest route to a solution is often the best. No discussion, no mind meld; just straight numbers. Done.

  • Vishesh - 13 years ago

    I'm with shirish's point. What if we could have an advanced version, model named "ADAM ADVANCED" for advanced users, apart from the other two up comming version. Having features such as these apart from the ones already incorporated.

    Features in "Adam Advanced" could include:-
    1> GRUB2 to jump between multiple OSes (Android,Google Chrome,Debian ).
    2> 10G Ethernet or something similar would be cool.
    3> At-least USB3
    4> Graphics side something similar to AMD's Fusion would have been a killer product. Having something similar to
    2 GB or thereabouts DDR2
    5> Rigid Body

    And may be a whole new line up's of Adam for all varied market segments. And branding them in such a way like the Swizz Knife & Army Watches, MTM Specialopswatch or the Traser Watches. They have products specialised for different segments of market. Like Traser's have Classic Collection, Professional collection & Military Collection.


    (Basic consumers, (Universities,Average (Professors,Lawyers (R&D Fields, Corporate CEO's) ( All Military & Woman & School kids) consumers,SME's) Engineers,CPA's & Pilots) (Large Industries) Security Agencies)
    All fields Designers & Developers)
    (Medium Industrial Use)
    (Basic Functionalities| (Advances controls |(Basic+Advanced:& also|Advanced+Pro functions, | --Adv+ Pro--
    +app's for shopping |+features..miltiple OS's,| 10G Ethernet,Multi OS |& High Cosmetic Values+ | (features)
    magazine,books, |Advanced Graphics,USB3| Rigid Body | Robust h/w |
    cooking,socializing, | app's like note taking- | or |Water proof+Fire proof. |not cosmetic
    leasure & fasion, |class room lectures, | Classy cosmetic |Rigid Body,Very light & | but Ruff Tuff
    video conferencing, |recording presentations, | Profession wise. |Long life reliable 6-cell Batt,|+military app's
    music,Videos |-books,course material, | Not to 4 get |Advanced MP camera. |
    School e-learning, |video tutorial, e-learning's| specialized Apps | |
    books & tools) | +all the basic apps.) | Better cam) | |

    Wow! should try for an 'Design & Marketing Strategies' Executive ha? ;-)

    So is ADAM full on peoooopleeee......???? :-)

  • shirish - 13 years ago

    Hi all,
    I would have liked to have one. I would actually want to have a production-ready one on which I can multiple OSes, three come to my mind, Android (hopefully this would be built-in), Google Chrome and hopefully Debian which in turn means Ubuntu. I would not say Ubuntu so much as I have found it to be buggy for my taste. I have been on that platform for over couple of years and to see few developers chasing too many packages and then not able to maintain it is sad. Debian has fared well on that front.

    What would be interesting if I could use it for my activities blogging, working, gaming and entertainment (not necessarily in that order). I have been waiting for it from the day it was announced the only one rumored to be able to run FOSS or open to FOSS distros.

    What would be interesting is to know if there would be something like GRUB2 so I could jump between OSes and see how they work.

    On the networking side apart from Wi-Fi and 3g having 10G Ethernet or something similar would be cool. If not that atleast USB3. The only thing I know are the rumored specs flying on the Net.

    On the memory and graphics side something similar to AMD's Fusion would have been a killer product and having something similar to 2 GB or thereabouts DDR2 would be cool.

    If I do get one of the units I would be abusing it quite a lot. My home computer (when it used to work) would be up and running 24*7 365 days a year so it would get lot of real-life knocks on it.

    If I were to buy it, I would be looking for atleast running above the three OS's before I think of purchasing the same. I don't know if I fall in the beta testing category or the average consumer as I feel I'm both.

    My 2 paise on the topic. :)

  • Paul McGuire - 13 years ago

    Completely agree about a range of testers. You need the full range of perspectives from the technically-minded to the average consumer faced with a milion alternatives out there. Tekkies are an (albeit important) minority but it is teh word of consumers that will ultimately decide the product's success once the Geekarati have approved the specifications. Whoever you give it to - good luck.

  • Matt C - 13 years ago

    I think there should be a mix of different types of testers. While developers and professional beta testers are obvious choices, I think you shouldn't rule out having the product in the hands of actual end users. This might be somewhat self-serving because as a potential end user I would love to test this product. But in a more general sense end consumers are going to be the ones that will use and abuse your product, so they would be helpful in identifying any issues whether they be with the placement of buttons or the ease of finding a certain menu option.

  • Charles Hilt - 13 years ago

    I am an end-user,, so I would vote for me and my level. ( It, of course would not be so I could get one quick :) ).
    I would use the heck out of it and let you know by all the questions I would ask like " How do you do " X@%^&$ "
    again ? " where the average end user would be having problems.....

    Then again, I would also have a prototype early.. Not that I would say all this just so that I could get one, of course.

    The Adamite

  • I am teh 4chans lulz - 13 years ago

    I believe your mother should while she's having anal sex.

  • Joshua - 13 years ago

    I had emailed previously (and it was posted on the blog) about using the Adam as a university professor as a teaching tool. If you want an evaluation of Adam from a teaching perspective, you should be aware that a November release date does not really permit evaluation until January or February since Classes end in early December in the US. I am sure you are getting many self-serving posts/emails from people who want to be part of the EAP, but this is a timeline I thought you might want to consider.

  • MistyB - 13 years ago

    I agree with several people. Namely send2dev and Louis. Maybe you could have a contest for the consumer to try it out. Maybe a why I want the Adam in 3 sentences or less or some such format. I think a heavier spread on the developer would be good, however beta testers try new things the developers don't think of, consumers just seem to know how to crash any program no matter how stable. That is our job. Let us do that for you. A solid hw/sw system must go through lots of testing, however when does the time frame end for testing and hit the real world. If you wait too much longer people are not going to be interested because they are generally self-centered and want instant gratification. With that said would I want one now? Absolutely. I am not however the best or the worst choice for testing. I am a normal consumer, clutzy and prone to crashing my os only a little, and a student looking to use this in classes. You need to get your product out in the market before it has lost its chance. Something like the adam is like the cd when it first came out. I think it will be here to stay but only if it can be put out soon enough to garner interest.

    Enough rant, great product, can't wait to get my paws on one.

  • DJ Belieny - 13 years ago

    Getting access to the EAP is important to all categories since everyone contributes in a different way, like other people in the comments I would also used the Adam for everything possible and more since I have been looking for a device like this for quite some time now. Also being a developer the EAP would allow me to integrate some of my custom applications into this amazing tablet environment.

  • Louis - 13 years ago

    All three: "EAPx3 Reasoning"

    Application Developers are the primary obvious source to distribute devices to. However, it makes the most sense to give access to those people who can (and will) perform all three roles with the device. I know if I had one I'd be using it for everything I could from day 0. Ereader, skype, videos, texting, portable wikipedia/net.

    Plus theres an app I want to develop for taking notes in a classroom.

  • Swapan Mahato - 13 years ago

    Give it to your non-techie wife or girl-friend. Trust me, they can test it better 'cause they will do things to it you don't expect people to do. It's not funny. At the end of the day, they are the ones who are going to buy your stuff. My wife is already talking about buying an iPad or Kindle 'cause she reads a lot. She also has the habit of dropping all her electronic gadgets. Application developers will test a product based on scenarios the way it is supposed to be used by a techie. Non-techies will test the exceptions that will make or mar your product.

  • abhishek - 13 years ago

    Hands down agree send2dev sure you need mixed set of people so you get best of all the world.

  • send2dev - 13 years ago

    You definitely need a mix of end-user testers. Each grouping has a specific workflow that will stress test different qualities of the Adam.

    I would say 45% app developers, 30% beta testers and then 25% consumers.

    app developers may be focused on testing THEIR specific applications. But you want a lot of *different* developers on board so the Genesis store is robust and well-received. Also the sooner you get the developers on board, the less likely you are to field complaints from customers about apps that crash the system etc. [see apple itunes reviews]. Developers need a lot of time to test, debug and retest their code.

    The only downside is the developers may be too interested in developing their apps and not really testing overall system use.

    Once developers have the sdk, the physical Adam unit is not really *necessary* unless their apps require use of special features of the Adam such as the camera or the rear track pad.

    the beta-testing group [in theory] seems built to really do an in-depth job on EVERY aspect of the Adam. even a smaller group of beta testers should give you more valuable feedback then the general [mom & dad] consumer.

    consumers may get a little off-track and not be as focused\unbiased on testing all aspects of the new system. Their workflows are very specific to their interests and they may give commentary that is not completely valuable like "I don't like the color of this menu button."

  • Jose Munoz-Nieves - 13 years ago

    A representative cross section of users would be ideal; this way the chances of being blinsided by a small glitch or oversight have a possibility of being caught. Of course there is a fine line betwween too much and too little, good luck in finding that sweet spot where everythig clicks.

  • Pawel Zdun - 13 years ago

    I think that best guys for searching bugs are professional QAs (like me :)). We are testing all functions in all fields, not only those we need - for our software, or standard daily use. Also sometimes (not always of course) we have to create our own soft - simple as hell - to test some functions properly, and be sure that our software is correct.

  • Guntram Reuther - 13 years ago

    I think the best tests arethe test done in normal live. Application developer are good, but they are "blind" for daily business issues. I'm not a programmer, but I know alot of using computers and I have make a lot of Beta Tests.
    I think there are a lot of guys like me and we are the guys which can make a "reality test".

    I think it will be also be the best to have testers around the world with different GUI languages.

    Hope I can help you,

  • Somnath Kundu - 13 years ago

    Actual effective feedback will come from on field of real life use. That real test from end-users will give the best feedback.

    Being in the industry of engineering consultancy we always looked for a handy portable device like this, which can be carried to field for working right on the field. Carrying information and design to site, collecting data on site, contacting base office and transferring live data, even live construction scenarios or video conferencing, site meeting can be conducted with problem solving.

    The most important feature is to use the Adam in bright sun light in the project sites. It can be a very important tool for project construction management, if the requirement are taken care.

    We shall like to give it a test run in our project work.

    Somnath Kundu
    Sr. DGM
    L&T-Sargent and Lundy.

  • lispler - 13 years ago

    AppDevs, but a few beta testers should be given access as well. AppDevs are geeks. You also need some real-life testing. So you should try to find a few "dumb" users(hello mama, papa...) and also professionals like university professors. Carefully selected, 10-20 beta testers should be sufficient.

  • Wilson - 13 years ago

    I believe real life action will give the best feed back, as I have been looking fro a device like this for 2 plus years and have look at many pc based units, that do not hold a candle to what yo have to offer. Even the I pad was a disappointment from a customer point of view. i was designed for there purposes, not for the end user in mind.

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