Who will be the America's Got Talent 2010 Winner?

  • Byron Potter - 10 years ago

    All of my votes & bets are on Jackie, the little 10 yr old singer. Shes very cute, a great singer. I sure hope she wins. I would love for her to WIN!!!!

  • Byron Potter - 10 years ago

    Little Jackie, She has all of my votes. I well bet $100 on her, hands down. She very young, cute, and a exellant singer. She WELL WIN!!!! She needs to. She has to. May the singing GODS be with her.

  • Martie - 10 years ago

    Jackie Evanco, is an Angel in disguise. With a voice, undescribable, & Bill who ever you are, needs to get his hearing checked, he is tone deaf!! Now Poppycock is just that POPPYCOCK, who can't decipher his gender, a real weirdo!!

  • cj - 10 years ago

    i feel that prince poppycock will win...he is amazing...so much talent..and extremely artistic..and such imagination..the 10 yr old jackie evancho is amazing too...but i feel for a las vegas act she is much too young at this time..but she surely will do many splendid shows with her voice...and bless her for her angelic voice...

  • Jenny - 10 years ago

    Prince Poppycock not only sings. He is a creator, a songwriter, a true artiste.

    Prince Poppycock has multiple talents. Little Miss Evancho only has one.

  • Bill - 10 years ago

    Jackie's voice is still developing. I know a lot of kids that sing way better than her. It is wrong to vote for her as she does not deserve it. She was pitchy in her first two performances and her voice visibly cracked at the semis. At that age, she can't possibly understand nor feel what she's singing. For her to win would be a travesty. She is the most overrated contestant to ever be on this show.

  • Jackie Fan - 10 years ago

    Why would Jackie ever join an opera company? She's not an opera singer, she's never claimed to be an opera singer, and she doesn't want to be an opera singer. It's only the media that has incorrectly tagged her as opera. Jackie herself has said many times that she is a classical-crossover singer.

    Jackie only stands in one place on the AGT stage because she's either perched on a podium or stuck with a microphone stand, both by the producer's direction. Give Jackie a handheld microphone and a stage and she's more than happy to roam while she's performing.

    I see people are still confused about the "Vegas act" thing. Nobody on the show is getting their own solo Vegas act....period. The winner of the show will headline the post-AGT tour that includes (I think) ten of the AGT acts from this season, and it happens to stop in Vegas. That's all there is to it.

  • LV - 10 years ago

    Prince Poppycock WILL WIN! He's the full package, a great singer, entertainer, and his since of humor kills me. I can do nothing but smile while watching him. He could recite the dictionary and I'd pay money to see it. Jackie is talented, but not a Vegas act. She should release a cd, grow up, then join an opera company. Fighting gravity remind me of things I've seen before. I HAVE see the effect they use to pull of there act many times, not impressed. Michale Grimm is good. I'd buy his cd or seen him at the House of Blues, but not fly for Vegas for him. Poppycock all the way!

  • Delilah - 10 years ago

    POPPYCOCK IS MAGNIFICENT!!! He doesnt just stand there and sing and he is beautiful!
    I totally agree with Sophie's comments

  • Joy - 10 years ago

    Prince Poppycock is my favorite. He is talented and very entertaining. I can't deny that Jackie is amazing. She is way beyond her years in singing ability and talent. My vote would still have to go to Poppycock. In fact ALL ten votes did.
    He is an amazing entertainer. One which I would definately go see in Vegas or anywhere else for that matter. His costumes alone are enough to make him a big draw.
    I personally dont like that they allow children to be in the compitition. Perhaps someone could come up with the idea of a talent show for youngsters ONLY.
    Michael Grimm is definately a sentimental favorite of mine. However, when I compare him to Poppycock, there is really no comparison as far as enterntainment value. Michael is an amazing singer, however if I am giong to pay big bucks to see someone perform, I want flash and glitz. Who better then Poppycock. He is just so Vegas. Even if he does not win, he will be picked up by someone in Vegas and I will be sure to purchase tickets to see him.

  • maria - 10 years ago

    hi i think jackie is the best that little girl should have a change to show what else she as she is really really great she makes me happy when she sing she is perfect in eve way please let her win the whole thing she is worth i love her and i would pay lots of money to see her i wish i could be there but i will watch it on tv good luck jackie yours truly maria

  • maria - 10 years ago

    hi i think jackie is the best that little girl should have a change to show what else she as she is really really great she makes me happy when she sing she is perfect in eve way please let her win the whole thing she is worth i love her and i would pay lots of money to see her i wish i could be there but i will watch it on tv good luck jackie yours truly maria

  • Sophie - 10 years ago

    I think Prince Poppycock should win. He is a great singer, has great acts and every time he surprises us all. I can't wait to see what he will be doing next. He is very versatile and has proven that when singing that Queen song 2 weeks ago. I would pay to go see him any day.

    Jacki is a nice little girl who can sing opera, but she is just now discovering her talent, she has a lot of growing up to do. I don't think her winning this contest would do her great service. Also, she just stands there and sing. If I was to go see her in a show, I would fall asleep withing 2 or 3 songs. I also believe there should be an age limit for these contests to give a chance to those adults who have been working all their lives to have their big breaks. The other thing about Jackie is that she got on the show through You Tube and she is a finalist while all the others had to work hard, wait in line to get their chance to be in front of the judges. They also have had to face elimination more often then the people on YouTube. So I don't think it is fair for Jackie to even be there.

    Fighting Gravity is great but it is always the same thing. They need to create something new with an edge of danger or something. After a while you get bored of the same thing.

    As for Michael Grimm, the best thing for him, would be to get a record deal out of this contest. He has been able to launch his career using AGT. I am certain that, win or not, we will hear from him again.

  • Dee - 10 years ago

    Cheering for Michael Grimm, who has put the heart and soul back into today's music. Quite an accomplishment, considering the daunting nature of the music industry. Good luck, Michael.

  • stephanie - 10 years ago

    jackie Evancho is great, but I would want to see prince poppycock win, the characters he creates, are never ending, I would pay to see him in Vegas. He is like a box of chocolates-you never know what you are gonna get, opera today freddie mercury tomorrow, he has the WOW! factor for me. Though I wish them all the best of luck.

  • Cindy - 10 years ago

    My favorite from the show was: Jackie. She's only 10
    I imagine when she's going to be 18 or 20 years old
    She's going to be a diva , she has best voice I ever heard from a girl in her age...
    That a big talent a gift from God to have that voice .
    Keep it up Jackie I wish you the best... GBU

  • Louie - Boston - 10 years ago

    Jackie has by far the most talent of anyone. Hands down, she is the best performer.
    Prince Poppycock is next in line for talent....Some of the other acts have been seen in Vegas so many times before.
    Especially magicians, circus acts, another blue man group. Great for Vegas but not as a headliner. Jackie will
    blow the audience away with her voice, as she did with the audience, and judges!

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