Is Tim Tebow a real hero or a real douche?

Posted 8 years.


  • G46 - 7 years ago

    Omfg I bet not his wouldent even be a debate if he weren't a crystain I mean really what the f***u idiots were not all blind to this u f***ing idiots and another reason pepole vote douche is because thier a douche and it would be nice for them to have such a awesome guy in the douche catagory but no sadly for u douches he's not a douche

  • Jim penn - 8 years ago

    Even though I voted "hero", that is not what I think he is, but there were only 2 choices. I do not think Tim is a douche, except for when he and his Gator buddies beat UGA all the time. I think he is a media darling. But you are right, there is no crying in football!!! What a douche. Damn, did I call Tim that?

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