What 4 films would you like to see at Main Street Garden's first outdoor movie series in October?

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  • Ann - 12 years ago

    A little diversity would be more representative, don't ya think?? (not being negative, just sayin' - look around - diversity is a beautiful thing! embrace it!) It would be wonderful to see Dallas welcome and celebrate its own diversity! I think that's what downtown D is lacking in all honesty..

  • Anonymous - 12 years ago

    Versatility, please........

  • anonymous2 - 12 years ago

    Is that the original Little Shop of Horrors from the 60's or the 80's musical version?

  • miranda - 12 years ago

    The film is called Suicide Kings.

  • miranda temptest - 12 years ago

    Out ot the Hughes films, I liked Pretty in Pink better than others. And how about finding some Dallas movies? Robo Cop was filmed here. We could jump pn the vampire craze with the movie version of Buffy. And a great comedy that came with Christopher Waken, Denis Leary, Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, The Big Bang Theory) Henry Thomas (ET) and Jeremy Sisto (Six Feet Under and Law and Order) It's a funny twisty ride.

  • anonymous - 12 years ago

    I went to an outdoor movie night in Addison once and they showed "The Princess Bride". It seemed to be a popular one. Personally, I love 70s sci-fi so I would nominate Logan's Run (partly filmed in Dallas), Soylent Green, etc.

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