Do you like Google Instant? (Poll Closed)

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  • t0ntin - 9 years ago

    "yes, it's giving me good results" It gives the same results as REGULAR google!!! ... oh, and it sucks!

  • Bob Mcbob - 9 years ago

    I hate google instant.

  • Ayan - 10 years ago

    Well, to all of you who don't like the feature, shut your pie hole and turn it off for god's sake!

  • Ayan - 10 years ago

    Well, to all of you who don't like the feature, shut your pie hole and turn it off for god sakes!

  • rob - 10 years ago

    I dislike Google's "instant" search feature. As the old addage states, "if its not broken, don't fix it".

  • billie jean - 10 years ago

    google instant sucks. I can't stand it. it freezes if you type too fast, and i don't have the time for that bs.

  • Joseph - 10 years ago

    I know, Google wanted to do the best. But they got into the same problem that Microsoft got into during the last several years: that means, slowing down. When I am in rush (and often I am), and type in the question to Google to search, all I can type in is the first word, and the system stops me for 10-15 seconds. Now I have to sit and wait until the system releases the window, so that I can continue typing in the rest of the information. Compared to the old Google, this slowes down the system tremendously. This is similar as these days turning on your computer. Years ago, it took ca. 1 min to have Windows active. Now it takes at least 4-5 min, and although I know the reason why this is so, it is still disturbing. I wish, Google gava us a choice selecting the new or the old system.

  • Jason - 10 years ago

    ugh these other comments are so over dramatic theyll still use google i bet anything but i dont like the instant search honestly i always turn it off seems pointless we already have the feelng lucky button which everyone loves why make this its messy and makes u naushis idk how to spell it but makes you want to throw up but i love google i just hate this part of it please remove it please

  • Sarah3 - 10 years ago

    i have used google all my life and loved it. now its changed to google intstant i hate it, its awfull! the screen jumps about everywhere, there isnt any more search results as far as ive noticed, it was so much better before!

  • Terry32 - 10 years ago

    As they say, why try and fix what isn't broken. I have used google for around 10 years and have stuck with it for the simple clean page. Lately it seems they are bound and determined to piss us off, oh and I hated that day that they put background images, what the hell was that all about.

  • lilygirl - 10 years ago

    Google Instant is too much too fast. I hate the way the screen is in constant motion while you type. It's very distracting. I'm going elsewhere.

  • Charley - 10 years ago

    I HATE IT. I can't stand the way the screen jumps all over the place. I'm going to yahoo.

  • sandy - 10 years ago

    My nice clean Google search interface keeps getting junked up. This provides me no better results, and it's visually very annoying. I have been an incredibly loyal Google user for years. But now it's off to Bing. Why would Google roll out features that some of their customer's don't want. Make this an Opt In, versus an Opt-out. Congrats Google, if these poll results are true, you just lost an additional 15% of your users to Bing.

  • ellis - 10 years ago

    I am not sure if I like giving up my bottom search bar though, I liked seeing the results and then trying another search without having to scroll to the top. Will Google add a "Top" button?

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