Who will be the America's Got Talent season 5 winner?

  • Donna - 10 years ago

    I dont think many people would pay to sit an hour and listen to opera, hell you cant understand it, dont get me wrong she can sing but only opera, shes 10 now and about to hit puberty and i do believe her voice will change and she want sound all that good after that, prince poppycock is a joke! i cant stand him, fighting gravity is a vegas act i really enjoy them i would pay to sit an hr and watch them. Michael Grim, gosh he makes my heart flutter and my ears scream for more i cant get enough of him his voice is smooth and pure, he is a wonderfull singer and song writer, i believe he will be a hell of an entertainer once hes put where he should be. my choice is Michael Grimm I would buy every song he comes out with. Hes so humble and he just draws you to him. Michael Grimm all the way his performance tonight was unforgettable.

  • Jerry gorum - 10 years ago

    Jacki deserves to win

  • kathy - 10 years ago

    OMG!! I just listened to "old biloxy" amazing song..he has so much heart...love love love this guy...I hope Michael gets the most votes. He sure has mine.

  • kathy - 10 years ago

    Jackie is amazing, but too young to be thrown into this ...she already said she is missing her friends, school, animals and family...she will be famous at some point. I do not wish this on her so soon....Michael is real, true, and valuable to the music world in general...he was amazing tonight. I hope he gets it and makes it far. He will love and care for his grand parents with the winnings and fame he gets from this. I love them both...but let Jackie be a child for a while longer.

  • Marie Cavanaugh - 10 years ago

    Jackie has the voice of an angel. I think people will flock to Vegas to see her. I will be first in line to get tickets. I also like fighting Gravity, I think that would be increible to see, but I think if they don't win, a Vegas Casino will pick them up in a heartbeat.. This little girl is simply amazing, I say give her your vote, she obviously won't let anyone down. I get goosebumps when I hear her sing.. What a Gem!!

  • aunt jemima - 10 years ago

    FG or GTFO

  • jaydee - 10 years ago

    Michael Grimm is just real. Inside and Out. Pure talent. He's more than paid his dues in his career. It's time the rest of the country discovers him, and falls in love with his music, too.

  • Dee - 10 years ago

    After watching Michael Grimm's youtube Live at Green Valley Ranch and his amazing take on Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help from my Friends", I can see him doing a Vegas showroom show. He performs, not only with the amazing Delta Bound and the Big Easy Horns, but does some electrifying duets with Bill and McKenna Medley and Nikki Logan. As a songwriter, Michael is super-talented, so find and listen to his "Old Biloxi."

  • ottery - 10 years ago

    I love Prince Poppycock! You never know what to expect! Each of his performances are different & unique.
    All 4 are incredible talents! It is a pleasure to hear little Jackie, but I do hope after this & the top 10 tour she puts childhood 1st! Childhood is short & she will have decades to wow the world with her incredible voice!

  • Karen Bradley - 10 years ago

    Jackie is sweet -- but can she put on all the shows necessary in Vegas at 10. I don't know what the "rules" for child stars are, but I doubt it. She already has a contract and everyone knows she is on her way professionally.
    Poppycock may be talent, but I don't think I would want to watch an hour and a half show with him. I am voting for Fighting Gravity. Michael Grimm is my second choice. Great voice.

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