What should Allen Iverson do?

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  • Cedric Vince Gometer - 9 years ago

    hey...mr.answer allen iverson...you are a hall of famer of what talent you have when you are in the court..and it starts in the NBA so you should end with NBA...as big fan of yours just win a championship and you can retire...

  • Theo - 9 years ago

    Look A.I still has two good years left where i thnk he can be an allstar. He single handedley changed the way the game was played with the nasty cross overs and he also was the main one to bring out the shooting sleve. So A.I needs to stay in the NBA.

  • jet - 9 years ago

    AI can still play...he is the smallest player ever to dominate the game,being the scoring champ & leading the league in steals for few seasons,he has still the capability of leading a team...he is not yet old in the age of 35...shaq and kidd are older than him but they can still play,how much more for the former rookie of the year and mvp...the nba teams are just being lousy of not considering AI in their plans...they will not see the greatness of iverson in the game if they will put him on the bench and letting him play for few minutes...

  • MisTer_AA - 9 years ago

    ai is just like ray lewis. they may be old bt they still got game. AI is a HOF. and there are many teams that could use him. and a few teams that he could start for.

  • Emmanuel - 9 years ago

    Iverson can still play this nba game at a high level! However, honestly i do not think he is a starter on any team in the league. Iverson showed accept a lesser role on a title contender. I believe we have all seen the best days of Iverson. Personally me being a fan would rather Iverson continue in the league and accomplish a championship. If AI doesnot get a call from any team he should walk away from the game of basketball.The man has already proven himself a winner and one of the most outstanding players ever to play the game. Iverson is a winner in my eyes and whatever decision he makes im backing him all the way!!!!!!!

  • nafrotpar - 9 years ago

    AI may have an attitude problem
    AI may not have adjusted well to coming off the bench
    AI may have off court distractions
    AI many not be as 'amazing' as he once was


    He is an 11 time all star
    He averaged 26pt and 7ass in 2008 when he played a full season
    He has 71 games of playoffs experience
    He still is better than Tracy McGrady

  • Lars - 9 years ago

    AI is still great he should stay in the league, dude stil has about 3 more years left in him

  • Peter Fletcher - 9 years ago

    Iverson would really do well in China & it would be good for the game.
    Most Chinese guards need mentoring, as this is the weakest link in their program.
    Go to China and enjoy it.

  • BT - 9 years ago

    Boy oh boy...is it time already? No AI,u belongs to NBA.. u r one of the good things in my great NBA memories..stay put and wait..they CAN'T ignore u cause u still got the heat and u know it...

  • nisarg - 9 years ago

    A.I NBA nEEds you..................

  • Wiseman - 9 years ago

    Allen gotta stay in the states. I rock my Iverson jersey to this day. He should come to the Sacramento Kings. You have a lot of fundamental experiance and Sacramento has a lot of rookies. You can definatly be useful. Most important of all, jus have the your career stats keep rising. Sacramento needs you.

  • zman - 9 years ago

    AI you need talk to your agent hook you up with the Lakers,Heat,or the Celtics cuz you still got game but your going to have to come off the bench and that will make you an impact player to help a team win a championship THEN YOU CAN DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO RETIRE.

  • charlie - 9 years ago

    there's no doubt about it he is a grate player but the n.b.a do not need somebody with that arrogance.so is more better for the good of the basketball he hang those shoes and look he's future some where else.

  • Kendale Anderson - 9 years ago

    AI man u need 2 stick 2 da nba kuz u 2 good 2 jus retire or go 2 china u still hav a couple years left in you so hold on yo time will come

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