Men locked in chastity: your most recent period of being unlocked for purposes of having an orgasm lasted how long? (Keyholders may also answer.)

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • Atone - 9 years ago

    I was unlocked for 4 days so I selected 4 to 6 days but that doesn't totally reflect the situation.

    The entire time I was unlocked I was still under her control. I was not allowed to touch myself unless directed to do so. Although I was allowed to clean myself in the shower, that was nice.

    My 'vacation' was only 48 hrs, after the second day I was told that was it, no more orgasms for me. It just took two more days to get her to lock me back up.

  • ritemate - 9 years ago

    Unlocked in the evening for a shower before sex; relocked the morning after.

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