If you were the paparazzo, would you pursue charges against Adam Lambert?


  • Lam M Y - 13 years ago

    The paparaz had been there taking pictures for one hour . He would have earned his keeps for the day and should have left grateful . Adam did not lose his temper until this leechy guy spewed some b.s at him and was told to leave . Look at the first photo, Adam was actually in good spirits and giving the peace sign . We don't know what b.s was spewed but Adam said in his tweet : sometimes things cannot be ignored, you have to stand up for yourself . I totally agree with this . If the case should reach the court of justice , the point that Adam was provoked and had the right to defend himself should be validated.

  • Amanda - 13 years ago

    if the report said that the photographer didn't sustain any cuts or bruises and that the camera wasn't even in the bag like the photographer had claimed it was then he had no right to accuse Adam of doing such a thing. How would he like it if we were the ones taking pictures of him at the beach. Celebrities can't go anywhere because the paparazzi are too busy being nosy.

  • Samantha - 13 years ago

    You go Adam....I love you !!!

  • glambert - 13 years ago

    He got what he deserved...even though I would've done more...you can't expect to be all up in someones face saying crap to them and not have to pay the consequences...good on Adam for getting that douche back.

  • Susan - 13 years ago

    Papparazzo deserved much more than what he got ~ wish I could have been there to finish.

  • mayiah - 13 years ago

    No i would not pursue charges on adam lambert b/c the paparazzo deserved it he should not be all in his face and adam lambert is awesome

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