Mel Gibson's reported CD shipment sounds like ...

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • Sam - 9 years ago

    You think he WANTED them? OH hell no. What better way to get rid of them than to ship them to the crap source?

  • Trace - 9 years ago

    He gave them BACK to her because he actually LISTENED to one of them!
    Without his "wonderful" direction in the video, the songs are HORRIBLE (I have only seen videos for TWO of the songs.) And as I said w/o the video, you can't mute it and just watch. Her DUCK-LIPS are eye catching, I stare at them like they are an anlien(ish) well actually they are, but they are definetly a focal point!
    Mel did GREAT on the videos' He just needed someone who could SING to make these actually SELL! Last count I heard they had sold like 200 something. TOTAL!

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