Which do you prefer: Google Instant or Regular Google? (Poll Closed)

  • Google Instant
    1,585 votes

  • Regular Google
    1,188 votes

  • Tie/No Opinion
    365 votes


Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • manish r - 9 years ago

    90 % of time i use i am feeling lucky search from address bar. my search time is already minimum so i dont see any use
    i turned it off the second i saw it.

  • samantha - 9 years ago

    not a fan of it wish it would have the search bar at the bottom as well really need that!! Plus I don't get to push enter and I miss that too

  • PS - 9 years ago

    Google Instant encourages ADD behavior. It's kind of fun and interesting, but ultimately distracting and useless.

    We spend about $40,000 a month on Adwords. We've seen our Adwords visits and leads drop 14% since Instant was released. From an advertiser's point of view, Instant is a disaster. I've talked with some agency folks and hear that we're not alone.

  • YB - 9 years ago

    It's just distracting (and kind of patronizing - usually doesn't know what I'm searching for). Google gets more and more cluttered - preferred the old version, with very little to distract the eye. I'm sticking with my (non-Instant) Firefox toolbar.

  • Sally - 9 years ago

    What is the big deal? If you don't like the Google suggestions as you type in your search words, ignore it. Otherwise, use it when you want to. Am I missing something?

  • Ed - 9 years ago

    Even if 10% of the people dislike it, Google has a now sent 10% of their previously incredibly loyal audience over to Bing. But the real number seems to be close to 35%. Why in the world would you create a solution for a problem that never existed? Okay...Google instant is cool. But make it opt in, not opt out. I had never tried another search engine. When Google Instant came out, I hated it so much that it caused me to try Bing. I kind of like it and for now, Bing has replaced Google as my browser home page. Someone please explain the business logic on why Google did something on their own, that Bing's multi-million dollar ad campaign could not do...and that's get me to switch my search brand loyalty?

  • Will Neale - 9 years ago

    I have regular Google set to 100 search results per page - very useful. As far as I can see Google Instant restricts this to 10 results per page - understandably given the onerous processing requirements of Instant - but that kills it for me. I'm back to regular.

  • Julian Young - 9 years ago

    I've found instant to be a bit clunky, sometimes it works perfectly, other times my search results disappear and I find myself having to hit return. It's got usability issues at the moment that if fixed might make me turn it back on. For now though, I'll stick with good old fashioned google.

  • Aditya Iyer - 9 years ago

    google instant is a great new initiative.
    it does saves a lot of time and effort as it says, now its not google's fault if some people are dumb or narrow minded.
    want more such features like dynamic chat and editing in future products. google wave was a kickass start in this direction, but bad it didn't last.

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