Is Spurs Hall of Fame discredited without Greaves and Gilzean?

  • Tony Sutton - 8 years ago

    Never knew Gilly had been back until I read this. The G men need to understand that they should automatically be in any Spurs Hall of Fame, to them it may have been just a job and they no longer want or need to be recognised for what they did....but to us it was the greatest theatre we have ever seen, they lived our dreams for us, some of those moments brought more elation than virtually anything else in our normal existences. The club need to make it happen before time catches up with all of us, as one day it surely will. Supporters always have greater emotions attached to their club than former players, its a shame that former greats dont realise that we put them on a pedestal because they gave us something we could never get for ourselves and the chance to touch that moment of magic again is all too precious.

  • ellis - 10 years ago

    david howells .unsung hero,done all paul gascoines defensive work so he could get forward and be a the way where are the three g's gascoine greaves and this list the old pals act.

  • Lionel Wray - 11 years ago

    The hall of fame is worthless without the 'G' men.
    Can the club explain their absence, if Steffan Fruend is included how can Gillie and Greavise be excluded?
    Forget the money for once Spurs, do the right thing and induct the 'G' men now.
    I had the pleasure of seeing both of these greats throughout their Spurs careers, we could do with them now.

  • spursLA - 11 years ago

    What's Perryman's problem with the club? All 3 players are a must in anything Tottenham.Also do other clubs charge like Spurs do for their ceremony ?

  • mickeybaz - 11 years ago

    And Steve Perryman?

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