Should I keep the new look?


  • DK - 12 years ago

    I liked the lime green with white text - not sure why but I've recommended my graphic communications daughter see your website more than once I liked how it looked and how it worked. I haven't played with the how it works now but the pastels do nothing for me. I prefer bold colors with easy to read contrasts. So I can't say yes or no - change the color I don't like the colors chosen in the new site. I do care because when I'm distressed and go to Blooming Lotus I don't find the pastels help me find myself in all the chaos. There's an intensity in emotion perhaps and matching that with the intensity in color seems to feel more congruent. The lime green site seemed to draw me and hold me when other sites lost me and didn't grab my attention through the fog of dissociation. Not having wandered through the new site, I don't know if it will work as easily but I do not see the things I need to see when I open the homepage and when I'm distressed I need to be able to see them and access them easily. Things like the different topics such as sexual abuse, DID, dealing with triggers etc. I need to see them without having to work because I can't work at it when I'm having a melt down and need information to calm my crazy thinking. On looks alone I prefer the old site. In a weird way, thanks for changing the site I don't think I realized how important things like color and ease of access to information mattered. It also helped me think about what types of things work best to penetrate the fog that develops when things go haywire. The site is a valuable resource to those of us who are struggling to put the pieces back together. Keep up the good work!

  • Michelles - 12 years ago

    We love it, but we're biased! Click us to understand. ;-)

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