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  • Steph Beach - 11 years ago

    Hi Jim
    Big fan and love all your podcasts.

    You asked if you should charge for your podcasts and how much.
    Well what you are offering is worth $10 ($9.95 is a better price to charge I think).
    But you offer a bit too much. I simply don't have the time to read
    periodicals so I would only want your audio and video output.

    Coast to Coast (that follows Darkness Radio) is charging like $6+/month.
    I don't subscribe to that show. (Although I do love Darkness Radio and it's free).
    However, I do subscribe to Your show. I contribute $5/month which seems to
    be about the going rate for pod shows. And personally, I wouldn't mind up'ing
    it a bit to support you.

    Bottom line:
    $5.95/month for audio/video
    $9.95/month to include periodicals
    Sounds like a good deal

    One other thing. Good thing. You remind me of shows like "Woodsongs Old Time Radio" and
    "Prairie Home Companion". You bring a a feeling of friendship, warmth and good old family
    values to your shows. It's funny that the less 'Hype' we get, the better we are. Thank you.


  • Daragh Counihan - 11 years ago

    Hi Jim, i believe you should be making a living from all the work you put in. It must be time consuming not only on yourself but your family too. God knows where you get the time from.
    I wont be able to afford it now or the forceable future. Things a real bad here now and its spreading all over Europe. Where will it all end?
    Go ahead Jim and make some money but keep up the free stuff.
    All the best.

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