What do you think about the decision to pull Katy Perry's performance off 'Sesame Street'?

  • Lauren - 10 years ago

    Seriously? This was absolutely ridiculous. I would in no way let my toddler watch this. If I wanted my CHILD to see this kind of stuff, I would just sit them down in front of MTV. It was a good move for them to not show this... The show is geared towards PRESCHOOLERS. I don't need mine exposed to sexual content at such a young age.

  • keith - 11 years ago

    She most likely didn't pick her wardrobe. Why did sesame street do the skit then pull it off the tube . If they were so worried about their image, why show it, hmmmm, things that make you go hymmmmmmmm. people who live in glass-houses should know that there was only one perfect person in this world. JESUS. Check yourself.

  • G - 11 years ago

    How many toddlers would look at Katy's cleavage and have ANY sort of reaction to it? None?
    Heck, you can take then to the beach and they'll see a LOT more than that! I don't see the point in censoring something that can be seen every day in a public place.

    Even then, I don't think it is too revealing. Not at all.

  • nailo - 11 years ago

    the producers and the fashion team picks out everyone on the set wears. if they had a prob with the clothing then they should have changed it. some parents need to get their heads out of their a$$. they show more in music videos, and no one complaints about that. this is totally bs.

  • PJY - 11 years ago

    It is a little too much revealing, but instead of making a big deal of it why didn't they just reshoot it or was it live?

    If live why not reshoot it & dub it in for replay. If children are not in bed by 8:00pm they usually see as much as Katy showed. I agree it's a great enegetic video & would hate to see it blocked. I blame the director not Katey. Didn't he see her or someone from Sesame St. before the shoot?

  • conny - 11 years ago

    I watched the video and didn't really see anything that was inappropriate. I actually thought it was entertaining and funny. Some people should get their heads out of the gutter.

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