What would you donate for a subscription to the benefits listed above?

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  • Celeste M. W. Page - 13 years ago

    Dear Wings,

    I so believe in what you are doing. I can't tell how disappoint I was when I was not able to attend (what would have been my first) Wings Conference last year. However, in this data based world I might seem antiquated. I use the internet for needed information, email daily (not on weekends) because I do volunteer in some community organization and because without it quite frankly it might be weeks before I talk to a friends or relatives without it.

    Having said that.....there has not been one webnair that I have been willing to schedule into my life. Not Dave Ramsey, not OneSource, not Oprah not anything. I don't believe it's coming in my future either. I am however willing to donate an annual membership fee to further the cause of Wings(with or without a discount into conference).

    A Proud Military Spouse

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