Are customers most satisfied with:


  • George - 13 years ago

    Jim - Thanks. Good comments. I probably should have added the independent option to my quick survey. I was trying to mimic the JD Powers groupings. I moved your comments to my blog so they could be better reflected to the audience.


  • Jim Wilson - 13 years ago

    Another consideration you need to think about is the audience you are polling. You may get different results if you poll: Pharmacists versus Consumers; (high volume, low volume, age - seniors versus younger patients; location (rural versus urban); payer (cash versus copay, high versus low copay, etc); and many other potential factors such as the use of mail order, drive through; patient counseling and other consumer services. This is not such an easy question to answer in a web based closed ended poll. But thanks for asking.

  • Jim Wilson - 13 years ago

    Your poll question highlights one of the major shortcomings of "closed ended" survey questions. Having surveyed consumers about pharmacy satisfaction for more than ten years, long before JD Power, the WilsonRx Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction Survey© has consistently found that independent pharmacy customers are significantly more satisfied with their pharmacy compared to all other types if pharmacies. Since your poll failed to list this as an option, the results can and do show misleading information. Another type of pharmacy with high levels of satisfaction consists of clinic pharmacies which include HMO clinics such as Kaiser Permanente and military treatment facilities (MTFs), which also rank highly in satisfaction.

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