Do you prefer written or video content?

  • LarryD - 7 years ago

    all I would ask is that sites (CNN!) would just tell us what is going to load, we could choose all by ourselves whether to click on a link or not.

  • Emilly Griffiths - 10 years ago

    I prefer video content and then to make my own notes from them, i feel i learn better when watching what is happening. But written is always useful to keep in a file to come back to if needed.

  • Ben Spencer - 10 years ago

    I hate to think that we actually need to choose, if you are only going to put one up I would rather have written so I can print it and follow along or at least find things easier. Video is also important because you cannot always decipher what someone talking about if you have not used certain portions of the software before. Plus video tutorials are faster for those who know the program and the features well enough so they don't need to scrub back very often in order to "get it". In my opinion though, why do we need to choose? They are both important for an effective tutorial and it should be feasible to do both.

  • JG - 10 years ago

    I prefer both, because sometimes videos are easier to understand and see what's going on, or how to do something. Written because of everything everyone has already said above.

  • PK - 10 years ago

    I actually would like to have both, so just in case if one method isn't working for me and I need more guidance then I can refer back to the other. This way the learning experience of an individual will increase by a lot.

  • Carmen - 10 years ago

    I think Written is good for taking it at your own pace. Video has its advantages for people who learn differently. But with written it is also easier to print it and keep your screen free for working.

    Keep it up, I have leaned so much already. :D


  • Richard Walsh - 10 years ago

    I prefer written content for tutorials. I find it easier to follow. I can back up and re read something until it makes sense, where as in video ruts I have to rewind wait again. It's just not as easy to follow. As I told my profs in uni, just give me the text book tell me what you want and I'll do it. I got more from it then a lecture.

  • Fahad - 10 years ago

    I do not know English

    Video is much better to me

    Please put each lesson video p

  • Roger - 10 years ago

    Written, screen snapshots along side. So many of the video tut's seem like they're un-rehearsed. They've got typos and easy seen code errors created while the narrator is just trying to do too much at once (talk, think and code) that just leads to confusion if you try to code it along while watching.

    That said, you guys are wonderful and I love the tuts either way.

  • Scott S - 10 years ago

    With so many companies turning off access to video sites (and not just YouTube), I prefer written content. It it was backed by a visual (video) demonstration, it would hit on additional learning/comprehension styles and be more effective.

  • Dennis Hanson - 10 years ago

    I think because many people like to see things in action that it would be great if you showed the video tutorials, but could also download the written ones, and print them out, or save them to a file? Otherwise, you could have the written content, and be able to download the video as a backup to their computer files? Either way, it would be a win, win situation?

  • mentalgraffiti - 10 years ago

    I don't really have much time for video and don't like to interrupt my colleauges. But I archive written tuts or copy them into a Word file and save them to read when I want to try something new.

  • ronnelismo - 10 years ago

    +1 video
    +1 text
    +2 VIDEO AND TEXT :)

  • Amit - 10 years ago

    I prefer written......BUT.......if there was a choice then i would go for Video.....I tend to be more of a ocular/visual learner.....writing is all well and good but there is too much room for error (for me atleast), with the video I can learn step by step and then deviate once I understand what is being done and how.....I think THIS IS SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND....some people learn better watching someone teach something as opposed to reading it.

  • Inga - 10 years ago

    Actually, I like to have both. The video is great for a quick overview and then the written set of instructions works best for details!

  • ArmyGrl - 10 years ago

    Prefer written...easier to work at your own pace without having to hit the pause button ofen ;) I do watch and learn from video too! Just find written more suited to my pace of learning. Either way, keep the tuts coming!

  • nicolle - 10 years ago

    Ecrit est beaucoup mieux pour suivre au fur et à mesure.
    Merci pour vos tutos.

  • Carol - 10 years ago

    I prefer having both, especially if it is something complicated or very new to me. Video is good for seeing how it works, text for reminding myself of specifics when I try something new, or as a quicker way to get specifics in areas which I'm already comfortable. If have to have only one, I'd prefer text with good screen captures.

  • Alan - 10 years ago

    There is a place for both, Video for headlines, written for in-depth analysis. This is why I find some magazines a pain, I expect in-depth but most of the time I get 'Video', maybe I'm reading the wrong magazines!

  • lukas - 10 years ago

    - Written tutorials are more accessible, I can check them on my phone or at work
    - With written tutorials I can have a quickly readthrouh to see if I learn something new from it or to use just the parts I want to use
    - written tutorials are easier to navigate

    I always skip video tuts

  • Fay - 10 years ago

    Might an option be to have the video with written below.... Each one serves a unique purpose. Thanks! BTW I have learned so much from your posts....either way.

  • sheila - 10 years ago

    I prefer written. I have two comuters on my desk. I often run the tut on one while I work it on the other. With video I have to run back, then run up. Easier just to re-read with text.

  • Amanda - 10 years ago

    I prefer written because at work I cannot sit and watch video. Also with Video you can't really skip around all that much like you can with Written.

  • shilpa - 10 years ago

    i like your tuts.

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