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I like the color combination number (Poll Closed)

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  • erec - 12 years ago

    would love to see red /black and metalic blue

  • Craig Allind - 12 years ago

    Love the results-hope they use the red/black

  • SEW - 12 years ago

    Golden/Tan/Brown Color Schemes are ideal as well as black/grey/white.
    Go for the AU!

  • Dreadwock - 12 years ago

    Hi all!
    I thought it would be interesting to know how many of you are going to buy the Adam tablet. So I have proposition to create a poll: "Will you buy Notion Ink's Adam tablet?" with 5 answers to choose:
    1 - definetly yes
    2 - maybe
    3 - rather not
    4 - definetly not
    5 - nope, I'm waiting for Adam2
    Who's for?

  • Jonas Grumby - 12 years ago

    METALLIC BLUE is the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, the dog's bollocks, the badger's nadgers, the mutt's nuts!

    It's the only color with Silver accents. It has understated elegance yet not look boring.

  • HAN - 12 years ago

    They all look great. but apple green would also give a nice touch

  • Ankur - 12 years ago

    will love to see a white option or brushed aluminum finish more apart from Titanium combos

  • DB - 12 years ago

    There are good ways and not so good ways stand out in a professional setting. Sweet new tablet computer = okay, having it in a neon yellow = not okay

    IMHO having color options is great and will appeal to college and high school students, but I'm gonna be ticked if I'm trying to order mine and all that's left are bright colors.

  • Jody - 12 years ago

    I initially liked the grey white but the more I look at the Black Yellow the nicer it looks. Just look at the picture at the end of the Week-End Special – Part II post.

  • Gerald - 12 years ago

    Well these combinations are great, but if you thinking about doing some more "brave" combinations (like yellow and black) you should go all the way and not stop at half. I would love blue and yellow, which always looks nice, or blue white. Also a grass green one would be funky!

    All the best from Germany!

  • manish - 12 years ago

    metallic blue !!!

  • Mino - 12 years ago

    I am very pleased that you chose a matte surface and not a glossy one. A glossy surface would attract fingerprints and be scratched and worn easily.

    Your advanced model should have dark stylish business look (black/titanium is good).

    Experimental and bright colors are risky business. If you want two versions go for a black/titanium mens version and a pink/silver ladies version.

  • Gav - 12 years ago

    Something to think about, but why not have them all? If you could make the siding modular, people could personalise their Adam to their hearts content, something none of the competitors offer. Just one more reason for people to buy it. Have 3 base colors (black/grey/white) and about 6 secondary colors (black/grey/white/red/blue/yellow), and you have 18 combo's right there. I liked the red/black myself, but I've love to see what a red/grey or red/white looked like. Would also open up more corporate branding, with more companies being able to match the colors to their stanard.

  • Alex - 12 years ago

    That Titanium Black is SEXY. Another color combination that could look really cool would be lime green and black. It would be similar to the yellow and black but lime green. That color combination (black, grey, lime green) is smoking hot right now.

  • Jose - 12 years ago

    Please, If you ask for color taste, make all pictures the same way.

    It has no meaning to make a picture of the entire tablet(red and black) and for each of the other ones use different poses.

    And if you are going to ask for it, add textures too, because they are as important as color. My imac has a "grey" color but the real important thing is the "metallic" texture, what happens when you move around(metallic shines), how dirt and dust accumulates and how easy is to clean. Hard or soft material(scratches) and rugosity(touch feel).

  • Noë Lee - 12 years ago

    Maybe we need some options ... I also think the gray and black choices are boring. I always reach for color. I'd like pink or aqua, please. (My laptop is flamingo pink, and I love it.)

  • robert - 12 years ago

    I can't wait to get my hands on a Adam, the colour is'nt inportant, just release the tablet asap

  • Peter - 12 years ago

    the metallic blue is probably the best combination of conservative and cutting edge colours to help it stand out in amongst all the boring black competitors.

  • Ronald - 12 years ago

    Sorry, I meant brushed aluminum ofcourse..

  • Ronald - 12 years ago

    I'd like to see a silver combination (for what now can be blue, red etc.) So the cover titanium black / grey and the back in silver (like the grey / white i.s.o the white being silver. By silver I mean it can also be brushed aluminum or something like that. Won't you agree ? Even better would be to have the back completely adjustable, so you can buy extra covers and you can paint them yourself ! Like covers for some mobile phones.

  • Alan R. (Germany) - 12 years ago

    Damned - I knew I'd be in the minority.
    Maybe you'll offer exotic colors as a priced option.

  • Mr T - 12 years ago

    From what i read over the internet is that there is a problem with the nvidia tegra2 Proc.
    That seems to be the reason why it is not out yet.
    Or i'm mistaken? But i haven't seen a tablet with the tegra2 on the market.

  • John - 12 years ago

    I agree, I just want one . . . I can't believe all these manufacturers that are so far behind in getting a tablet out when the ipad was released months ago and everyone knew it was coming a long time before that. Polls like this along with the adam blog seem like clever diversions to distract from the real issue: "it isn't ready yet". I'm getting ready to just get a netbook and install a Pixel Qi screen in it instead.

  • Simon - 12 years ago

    I like the Black and white and the Titanium Black. But I would LOVE to see a Adam in entirely polished white.
    Pleeeeeaaase release the Adam in Sweden before Christmas! .. I promise to purchase at least 200 units, one for each employee.

    One more time..

    Release in Sweden before christmas otherwise I'm forced to purchase a Galaxy tab or Ipad.. :(

  • SteveB - 12 years ago

    I love the yellow. It really 'pops' for me. how about orange? Sorry, I like bright colours in small amounts like this.

  • fabian - 12 years ago

    "I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY to have an Adam tablet of ANY color in my hands right now!!! Thanks for the communication and for allowing us to contribute to the Adam."
    Me too!!!!!!! I want it!!!!!

  • atul - 12 years ago

    i just drooled over the Grey White

  • Jay - 12 years ago

    Come on guys get creative, black and greay are boring!!!! The red and black look the sharpest to me with the light blue just behind. Let's get away from the boring normal colors you find on all othe computers!!!

  • Dings! - 12 years ago

    I dont care, but please NOT a red or blue one.

  • Matt Jacobson - 12 years ago

    While all of the color combinations look good, I recommend going for the more conservative color scheme (Titanium Black or Titanium Gray). The reasoning is simple, I want something that I can comfortably bring both to a college class, and a board room meeting. I frequently have professional meetings, and a color scheme that is too bold would reflect poorly on me.

  • David Whitley - 12 years ago

    I hope there will be several color variations, as a way to distinguish yours from the pack. I personally love how bold the red is, even though its low on the popularity.
    That said I would buy this in absolutely ANY color listed if I could just get it before mid-November!!

  • Flemming H. Jensen - 12 years ago

    Yeaahhh.. Love all of them, but Titanium Black rocks.. Eagerly awaiting the new pics and ADAM.. Come Hurry..

  • Joe Sinkwitz - 12 years ago

    I agree that the Titanium Black is the most professional looking of all the choices shown.
    However I would be EXTREMELY HAPPY to have an Adam tablet of ANY color in my hands right now!!!

    Thanks for the communication and for allowing us to contribute to the Adam.

  • Sovan Mandal - 12 years ago

    To be honest, all the color options were equally appealing though the Titanium Black is a bit more snazzy looking. Anyway, eagerly awaiting the final thing to come out.

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