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catholic church is for natural family planning only; noynoy aquino is for open choice of natural family planning or artificial family planning (choose only 2) (Poll Closed)


  • roger ybanez - 10 years ago

    Tnx to rh bill..... ang ginagawa ni Pnoy at sa mga law makers natin ay para yan sa magandang nating kinbukasan... congrats... from cebu city...

  • purplehaze - 11 years ago

    Just a few points:

    1. People want to have their cake and eat it too..they want to engage in a sexual act but not willing to face its consequences.

    2. Someone is going to make TONS of money out of the funding, let's face it. Overpopulation is NOT the cause of our country's poverty. It is due to corruption. The more people we have, the better as long as they are properly educated. You want to course your funds properly? then pour it into education instead.

    NO to RH Bill!

  • g'ann - 11 years ago

    okay sorry for committing technical error above.. let me reiterate.. every country that accepts abortion had undergone contraceptive programs as their "stepping stone"..

  • g'ann - 11 years ago

    another thing.. no country accepting (or legalizing) abortion that did not undergo contraceptive program..think about it, you self proclaiming CHRISTIANS..

  • gann - 11 years ago

    i won't post a lengthy comment. just a simple line.. "As CHRISTIANS, it is GOD's Kingdom that we need to build NOT OURS". Filipinos should not be deceived by Satan's cunning ploy. let us pray for each and everyone.

  • CATHY R. SUMAMBOD - 11 years ago

    NO TO RH BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CJ - 11 years ago

    For those officials who are promoting the RH BILL must check on their own selves. Their might be something wrong with their thinking about the real problem of the country. They should see to it that there is no corruption happening in this country before they promote the RH BILL.

    Let us think thrice before we embrace the RH BILL..........

  • cj - 11 years ago

    I strongly disagree with the RH Bill. Philippines is a CHRISTIAN country so let us BEHAVE like a christian. I'm afraid that this RH Bill might lead the Filipinos into bad habits about sex. Many or almost all the population would be engaging in pre-marital sex. And followed by the thinking that SEX IS A GAME! So don't be stupid guys.

    Don't imitate the people in the western countries. We should maintain our own culture especially our conservative attitude toward sex.

    NO TO RH BILL..............

  • cj - 11 years ago

    Every person has a responsibility. Why can't we just focus on our own problems? I think the citizens of this country should work hard. We should not wait for the officials to do something to improve our lives. For the officials, they must do their best in order to perform their duties honestly. So we don't need this RH Bill to alleviate the poverty of our country!!! Over population is not the problem. Corruption and LAZINESS is the real problem. Neither I favor the church or the president Noynoy. This is my own opinion

  • MD.Rieza - 11 years ago

    I definitely agree with this RH Bill.. well, everyone must be open-minded enough about this bill, it isn't pro abortion.. this bill is preventing unwanted pregnancy which may lead to abortion.. and besides using pills doesnt mean you are killing the fetus or the cell inside your womb.. so it is not an abortion...

    -> but you know guys, its up to the person or the couple if they want to use any of the contraceptive things which is actually available in any of the drugs store nationwide..
    its just a matter of self discipline, especially to the teenager like me.. each of us must know our limitations as a young adult of our generation..


  • princess pepania - 11 years ago

    i strongly support life.
    life do begin upon the union of egg cells and sperm cells and impelling the union of two cells prevents life to form and further kills another form of life which is the two cells.

  • GRACE - 11 years ago

    thanks to all who are ANTI-RH BILL... May this very critical issue of our nation facing right now will end into a harmonious and glorious realization... May our dear almighty God will enlighten the minds of our officials who wanted to empower the people, let them see the true values of life and the moral of each Filipinos. AVE MARIA!

  • john - 11 years ago

    Yes it is true that we should read the rh bill as a whole and without bias


    1.Maternal health care and infant care?

    Anti rh bill is also pro maternal care. We also want better health benefits for our people. It is the duty of government to provide it.

    2.Mandatory sex education or family planning education?

    In the 1980’s there have also been programs in family planning. As a grade 5 pupil, I attended these lessons. It was in the curriculum. And I think it is alright. It is not wrong teach children this basic information.

    But, if you promote artificial contraception in the context of mandatory sex education, you will be subjecting children to an ENFORCED values education; to change their beliefs, and behavior. (This is an avowed goal of this rh bill).

    Ultimately, the goal of this mandatory sex education is to make contraception acceptable to our children. Think of it. It is BRAINWASHING. And with children, it does not have to be violent to for it to be brainwashing. It just has to be manipulative. It is a form of child abuse. It is highly unethical.

    Do you want our children to grow up in a culture of contraception? Let our schools teach our children good manners and right conduct, instead of contraception.

    Let our children grow up having the freedom to choose what they want to learn or do. Let the parents teach their children about values, about morality. Is this not freedom of religion? IS THIS NOT WHAT PRO-CHOICE MEAN? Are these not the right of the Filipino people?

    3.Contraception as essential medicines?

    Maraming Pilipinong may sakit, nagugutom. CONTRACEPTIVES ba ang dapat ibibgay mo sa kanila? Sa maliliit na bata na nanglilimos dahil walang makain. Hindi makapasok sa iskwela dahil walang baon, walang makain, walang damit. PILLs ang ibibigay mo??

    Magpunta ka sa mga ospital, makikita mo kung gaano karami ang walang pambili ng gamot. Ang dami daming kababayan natin na namamatay dahil walang pambili ng anti-hypertension medicine. Is this not the real ESSENTIAL MEDICINES?

    KAILAN BA NAGING ESSENTIAL MEDICINES ANG CONTRACEPTIVES? That we the taxpayers should be obligated to purchase with our taxes. Hypertension medicines, anti tuberculosis medicines, vaccines, antibiotics etc.. yun ang essential medicines.

    HOW CAN IT PROMOTE RESPONSIBLE PARENTHOOD when you give away contraceptives, which will be purchased from taxes of the people.

    HINDI BA NAKAKAHIYA IYON NA IBA ANG GAGASTOS NG CONDOM, PILLS etc para sa pagtatalik ng isang magka partner? Ano responsible doon? Dapat kung gusto mo mag condom, mag-condom ka pero ikaw bumili galing sa pera na pinaghirapan mo. Hindi galing sa pera ng ibang tao. DELIKADEZA LANG YUN, AT SELF RESPECT.

    And we are not talking only of a few pesos per condom, we are talking of hundreds of millions of pesos.

    THE GOVERNMENT MUST BE MORE CIRCUMSPECT IN SPENDING PEOPLE’S MONEY. Contraception is a private matter. The rh bill should promote individual responsibility.

    4. Responsible parenthood

    BIGYAN NATIN NG TRABAHO mga magulang, para may pambili ng pagkain at gamot ng pamilya nila.

    Pag may trabaho na sila, mag-kakaroon na sila ng pambili ng contraceptive kung gusto nila. Pag ibinigay mo condom, pills, at ibang contaceptive, tinuturuan mo lang silang maging iresponsable.

    TAKE OUT the unethical provisions, and the rh bill will be a good bill.

    LET US DEMAND FROM OUR GOVERNMENT more funds for livelihood education instead. It is one way of making our people more responsible. Give them the opportunity for work. Alam mo ba, that the budget for TESDA was cut? …

  • allona jill f.sarangay - 11 years ago

    let us support the reproductive health bill for it benefits the next generation and not only should stop arguing with our president

  • Cherubin De La Cruz - 11 years ago

    I agree for the benefit of the welfare of both husband and wife. So as to give the decision be given to them to decide on their family ... so as to gain knowledge as well of what is good and bad for them. Let us be educated on many things and gain from it.

  • Donna Co - 11 years ago

    To Mr. John Doe: It's interesting that you use China as an example of a high-population 'rich' country. The quality of life there for their poor is extremely horrid, case in point the numerous sweat shops. Also, they realized that their high population impeded their growth which is why they implemented policies to curb that.

    Another, please don't use the 'can they eat condoms' argument. Of course they can't. It's made of latex. But if a family has more children (and not by choice, rather by misinformation and lack of knowledge of family planning methods), they have more mouths to feed. No, they can't eat the condoms. But it will prevent them from producing mouths they cannot afford to sustain.

  • choi217 - 11 years ago

    Just read National Cancer Institute re Oral Contraceptives. It is true pala that they can cause BREAST, LIVER and CERVICAL cancers. Though it can lower endometrial and ovarian CA, they can increase breast, liver and cervical cancers. Kawawa naman ang mga babae... our mothers, sisters who will use them. I read also that they can increase the possibility of one getting high blood, diabetes.

  • Stitches 'n Burn - 11 years ago

    dreambuzzer and John Doe are such a FAILURE. Go suck each others dick.


  • iAmKat - 11 years ago

    The bill clearly states that it's an anti abortion bill. All that it implements are right and legal. What is wrong with using natural or artificial family planning? It is true that most of what's stated in the bill have already been implemented so what's the fuss? I am a Catholic, I am also pro life, that's why I am pro-RH bill. Let's all be open-minded about changes and let's think critically and objectively. Let's not exaggerate what is written in the bill. :)

  • enjiru - 11 years ago

    What is this RH Bill all about? I have read it and found out there is nothing new. All that it proposes are being implemented already. I am for the RH bill to curb the population growth but it is offering nothing new. So what are we arguing about? Just let people decide for themselves. Do what is true for you and be consistent about it. Don't be foolish enough to impose your truth to others.

  • Jhecky - 11 years ago

    Love God and love your neighbor, this is the only commandment given to us by Christ. Why can't we realize it here on earth? Loving God and loving our neighbor consist in promoting and protecting lives. We are God's people and I am arguing in the view of Faith as well as personal conviction. As people of God, our very nature is to do good and to avoid evil. hypothetical you want to die at this moment???then think to promote and protect what your mother did to you!!!God bless us all!!!

  • maryjun - 11 years ago

    we should support to the church.Hope Filipinos open their eyes what is the right and ethical way of living. Promoting the RH BILL same as they promote CRIME in our country. Why they look for a solution of population in our country why they do not try look for the solution to avoid graft and corruption in our country? Very visible in our country.

  • dreambuzzer - 12 years ago

    i think not all the people are got a proper education, right? but since the RH Bill come out, those people who support it usually first class, or maybe some of them are middle class. but how about the third class people? who dare from the government or any other agencies which has link to the government to climb to the mountain just tell the people living there that they should follow or observe what the government can do to help them in order to left them from the poverty?

    Yes! Mr. John Doe, i agree with your opinion. POVERTY is not the main reason why our country suffer lots of decadence. if people realize and start to look on the horizons in our situation why our situations or our nations bungling, it is because of the people who has assigned to that particular task and make their own pockets full of grace through corrupting the budget which they did not own it. then, Can we blame those people living very poor because they are poor, or they lived in a very stricken life? hmmm.... por los santos!

    in this case, it is not matters even how much our populations grow. if the president is sincere and serious on his campaign in fighting corruption and investigate all those agencies involved... then, i could say that it is the time that he must act like a SUPERHERO. to stand vigorously and firmly to protect the people not to put the situation of the people in limbo.

    finally, there is one point is lacking here... TO PRAY. people around the world is too much concerns to their worldly needs... but in our personal and spiritual life we forgot and that's make us rotten. whatever religion you are in... one of our duty is to pray. so that we can stand firm and vigorous to fight this stricken country from the corruption and any unscrupulous ideas that degraded our morals.

    for God the glory, PEACE be with you ALL!!!

  • John Doe - 12 years ago

    Ms. Kiana Ciara, good day, it is intrinsically wrong to say that bigger population is the cause of poverty. China has bigger population than ours. Maybe the right issue that our good President must address with is the corruption which i firmly believe, as we all know in our history, is the root of all poverty in the Philippines. Now, another funds for that bill will be given if it will be passed into law. But first, have you ever consider the corruption in the future. Second, condoms cannot be eaten when Filipinos become hungry. And do you think it can save us from poverty?...i don't think so? Please be critical on your thinking. Thanks!

    To all of you. Yes, I see your point. Perhaps you are right but it is not the right solution to the problem we have in the Philippines. Please study the history of other countries regarding this issue we have argued with. Then you will find out that they are wrong and perhaps you will realize that you also are wrong. My apology. John Doe

  • kiana ciara - 12 years ago

    i agree in our beloved president for the rh bill.
    because rh bill help us to minimize the growth of our population that cause of poverty in our country.

  • yvonn - 12 years ago

    Our president is concern to our welfare and this bill is not only for the progress of nation but it address the needs of fellow men for the better and harmonious life.

  • shela bamba - 12 years ago

    reproductive health Bill is not an antilife. it's not pro abortion. it"ll help to minimize the growth of population, to lessen the rate of increasing no. of STI's , HIV/ AIDS victims.

  • alien_e - 12 years ago

    lets give a chance to our beloved president because he is doing this just for our future

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