What do you think of Michael Bolton after his handling of 'DWTS' criticism?

  • Laura - 11 years ago

    What a whiner Bolton turned out to be! He wasn't good, but he tried. Sort of. And, if he had just taken his well-deserved licks, perhaps others would have defended him. Bolton turned into a huge crybaby, which makes him totally pathetic. Good grief. This isn't rocket science or the olympics. It's a tv show!! Did you think you were going to win this thing???? Suck it up, Bolton! You're a lousy dancer, along with most people (myself included) who are watching this show. We couldn't do it either but you agreed to do this for attention, and probably the rest of the world would take their criticism better than you and laugh it off. Go do something you know how to do that will get you the fawning adoration you're looking for. Stand still and hold a microphone. Don't try to move your feet. If Bruno isn't allowed to tell the truth, then he should be replaced by Paula Abdul. Leave Bruno alone; he's much more entertaining than Michael Bolton will ever be!

  • "Angel Pagano - 11 years ago

    Bruno was doing his job, what he was hired to do. All 3 judges have had moments where they were blunt and gave very direct criticism but Bolton was indeed a cry baby in not accepting the truth. Both times he danced he never seemed interested and had no spark or personality going on. He showed no interest and it showed in his routine. He needs to "man-up" and show some class. I am in agreement with Bruno and the way he judges. Simon Cowell was also very harsh when he was on Idol but that is what people liked about him. He told it like it is and it has nothing to do with hurt feelings. They are DOING THEIR JOB. Celebrities need to understand that when they sign up to do such a show, there will be mixed emotions on how they are judged.

  • Sanders - 11 years ago

    I think Bruno was totally rude! He will make our stars think twice before coming on the show. I don't usually watch it, but now I really have no interest. I dislike RUDE judges and see no need to be that mean! Bruno needs to lighten up. It is all for fun!!! Michael is a class act even if he can't dance!!!

  • Doug - 11 years ago

    I agree totally with Bruno. Michael Bolton is a terrible dancer. He has no grace and no rhythm. He's wooden and devoid of emotion. One arm simply hung at his side throughout the whole routine. He walked from one location to another like a robot. No amount of coaching would have ever helped him. Bruno was harsh but accurate.

    Respect is earned, not commanded.

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