Do you like the NBA D-League's new FIBA-style goaltending rule for the NBA?

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Posted 9 years.


  • me - 9 years ago

    No way we should change our rule. If you want everyone in the world to play the same, then have everyone to change their rules.

  • jon - 9 years ago

    This is a dumb, dumb, DUMB! Don't do it. Stern has done some great things in growing the game internationally. But it seems he only mucks it up when it come to the actually dealing with internal league matters. The refs often suck and if anyone says different they are fined instead of actually punishing the ref for bad calls. If this happens too I am going to be pissed.

  • Snufkin - 9 years ago

    The question is much bigger than bounces off the rim or not. It´s a question of uniting or diversifying the game. NBA has an overall much more individual approach to the game compared to the international (well, european at least) more team-oriented type of game. But then again, I´m european and might have problems thinking outside of the box?

  • Dson - 9 years ago

    1. The rest of the world is playing by these rules and people are forgetting that there ARE amazing athletes overseas. It's ignorant to say that the WORLD should play by our rules.
    2. Shooter's bounce? Just get it right the first time (By the way, there ARE lucky can't watch a Top Ten Wild Shots video and expect all top ten to be 100% skill). Plus, it'll get players to try and shoot more precisely now that they know the other big man can just swat it out if it bounces on the rim. And I know we ALL love the sound of 'nothin but net'.
    3. As Stern said this will be fun, it will be. Players will be more aggressive now that they know the ball can be knocked off the rim.
    4. I really had no hard time watching team USA face other countries in 2008 with that rule implemented. It's not like Dwight Howard is knocking the ball off the rim every time.

    So for me, it's not that big of a deal. I mean, it might cause a game changing situation, but we've seen those situations happen in other ways. And to the guy that said big men will start practicing this rule instead of shot blocking...what big man is not going to attempt the block? If Dwight Howard saw a potential block and instead waited for the swat off the rim, wouldn't that be stupid? It's always better to try and block people because that just completely ruins their chances of making it in whereas, waiting for the swat off the rim, the shooter could just swish it in.

  • Tre-D - 9 years ago

    The NBA has taller bigs than the international's bigs, for the most part. And do you know how many potential banged up fingers/hands there will be trying to smack the ball off the rim? I can see clumsy D-Howard going up and spraining a finger on the rim or even getting caught in the net.

    Of course the ball is in play Stern because the ball isn't out of bounds but that's why you have rules (like all the other ones), which the current NBA goal tending rule is fine where it is.

  • malick - 9 years ago

    thats so stupid, why would it be ok to goaltend??? theres no skill in that, thats a little kid rule. the only time a rule like that should be ok is on NBA JAM, the video game!

  • Alex - 9 years ago

    OK lets be serious with this rule change, America has the best basketball team in the world, the talent is out this world. Changing the rules doesn't give us better competition, it just makes the competition weaker. Anyway when some international players come from oversea and into the NBA lets be realistic they don't play as well as everyone expected them to play, but there are still some that are real good. But because the game is played more faster and strong then international play, America doesn't need to prove them self to the world that we are the best because everyone knows that we are the best...but that just my opinion, but maybe just maybe it can be tested but for now we can see if it can work, so after all this I say lets try it lol

  • Sutton - 9 years ago

    This will be great!.

  • greg - 9 years ago

    To have the same rules in the NBA and in the rest of the world makes a lot of sense.
    However, not with this rule. The reason why this rule was (and still is) a success in Europe is that players are not great athletes. They're definitely getting better.
    But NBA players are amazing athletes. Few European players have the athletic skills to go up there frequently with no momentum and smack the ball away.
    In the NBA, any player can jump straight up and dunk the ball with 2 hands.
    In Europe, this rule is "fun" (as Stern says) because it doesn not happen all the time.
    If this rule was in the NBA, it would be boring because any guy can do it and some others can even do it all the time.

  • James - 9 years ago

    I'm very much in favor of the rule change... It will add even more strategy to the game... Its not like it happens alot... All that "ball in the cylinder" BS needs to go anyway. And if the bigs are so busy jumping up to knock it off the rim, thats going to mean alot more offensive rebounds because the big is out of position. And not only on Defense, but it would be fun to see it on offense too... so all that offensive goaltending will be done away with. People hating on change... Its all about progression.

  • Ace Rimmer - 9 years ago

    Although I don't like the rule, I have to say it doesn't play much of a factor in ball games. Such situations when the ball bounces around the rim are very rare, it's even less often that a defensive player finds himself in a position to knock it off... But still, it's better to avoid even such ''rare occasions'' since, in my opinion, this rule shouldn't be implemented... and I'm a European :)

  • Honestly..... - 9 years ago

    Very interesting. This could go either way in terms of changing the games level of intensity. Making it legal to take a ball off of the rim also means that it would be legal to put a ball through the rim too! Tip jams and crazy put back battles under the boards will be far more frequent. This rule brings back the fundamental need to box out. I'm all for anything that levels the playing field and makes skill and technique stand equal to raw talent and pure athleticism.
    This means brains over brawn will be the foundation of the next generation.

  • ilan - 9 years ago

    No! I dont like this rule."Shooters bounce" thats part of the game
    Stern is wrong!

  • killahd - 9 years ago

    I can't believe David Stern said it would make free throws more exiting. He is going to ruin players free-throw percentage and out-comes of games because the player has to swish every free-throw to not have it smacked off the rim. And to reply to the comment about having "to put the ball right through the hoop and there will be less baskets made with (so called) lucky bounces", those aren't lucky bounces if you are a scorer. A pure scorer has a soft enough touch to get the ball to bounce like that. There are never "lucky bounces", it takes skill to make every shot in basketball, this rule will eliminate a players skillful scoring ability and the games will be lower scored. Big men will start practicing how to time the ball off the shot to immediately smack the ball off the rim instead of timing their jump to block a shot or rebounding and it would change the game dramatically, maybe not right away but eventually once it becomes more practiced. I think the rest of the world needs to adapt to the way it is played in the country that invented the game.

  • BG - 9 years ago

    I think this rule is very fair as it is in FIBA rules. It simply means you have to put the ball right through the hoop and there will be less baskets made with lucky bounces. It always annoys me when I see a team make basket after basket that bounces around on the rim and drops in with a bunch of players watching unable to do anything about it. This will benefit skillful intelligent players and reduce the luck factor in determining basketball games.

  • Ace Rimmer - 9 years ago

    Watching the World Championship I really did not like this rule... It's goaltending when the ballis going down, when it touches the glass and it's not when it's on the rim (when the ball has a huge chance to go in, and is actually a part of the ball's ''going down motion'')?! The bigs will enjoy this, I won't... basketball is about baskets and scoring and with this rule we'll be seeing less of that, a bitter feeling when you know the ball's going in and some 7 footer just knocks it off...

  • b - 9 years ago

    thats stupid.its about to be more fights when bettin i can say that.

  • Tyler Salas - 9 years ago

    i like some FIBA rules, like, from what i understand, allowing hand checks, and being able a little more physical, but this rule is not one that i like. with all the huge guys in the nba, can you imagine how many are going to be swatted off now. NBA players are much m=bigger and more athletic, which makes it completely different from what its like in the FIBA league

  • Aspen Wilson - 9 years ago

    I think this should NOT become a rule in the NBA because basketball wouldn't be basketball.

    Aspen Kennedy Wilson

  • Matt Tweedie - 9 years ago

    Seriously it doesn't lead me to beleive that, but we cannot get stuck thinking that the way we play basketball in America is perfect. I think the Fiba rules in some case make it much more competitive than the NBA, which is why Americans have struggled on the international stage, as of late we have done what is neccesary to win at that level but we cannot continue to think that if we just find better players then we can beat anyone who comes along especially if they are playing by different rules. We need to adapt the game we play to be competitive at every level instead of only being competitive within the borders of the US. I think that America has the best players in the world but we play by different rules than the rest of the world, until we do things like they do we may never know if we are truly the best, or the best when we plat they way we want.

  • derek - 9 years ago

    This is an extremely leading question. The question implies that saying this is a good sensible and probably more fun idea means also saying that Europe is better than the NBA. Which obviously very few people believe. If this where a simple question of yes or no I think the answer would be more like 80-20 but as it is it is. Please create less suggestitive polls in future. merci

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