How much do you spend each year on guns, shooting supplies, and related expenses?


  • Geordie Hunter - 8 years ago

    Well put it this way. If my girlfriend spent what i did on firearms i'd marry her..... If she knew what i spent she'd leave me ;)

  • David Lawson - 8 years ago

    As a target shooter women are great shooters and always seem to do better at first time shooting than their male companions. It is always a more enjoyable shooting day when women are there as they add an extra dimension.
    Come and try shooting anytime ladies we love your company.

  • Carole Valentine - 9 years ago

    What makes you think guys are the only ones who spend a small (or great) fortune on their shooting habit? And also what makes you think we ladies are not capable of tiptoeing around our Hubbies to support our habit? ;) Better re-word your poll!

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