Which has a brighter future: Yahoo or AOL? (Poll Closed)

  • Yahoo
    565 votes

  • AOL
    270 votes

  • Both: Yahoo and AOL will both make comebacks
    91 votes

  • Neither: Yahoo and AOL's time has passed
    486 votes


Poll posted 9 years ago.

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  • Derek - 9 years ago

    A not unexpected result - AOL tried to position themselves as a paid for content provider, but a lot of users - like me! - could never see the advantage of tying ourselves to a single provider, when there was so much out there - isn't that the point of the InterWeb ???? I know people use AOL, I just don't know why. Yahoo had going for it its mail system, groups, and killer apps like Flikr, so I don;t see it going away - but maybe that's just with people like me who WILL NOT use MSN:)

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