What do you think of the new Globe and Mail?

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  • David Bamford - 13 years ago

    Generally, I find the redesign fine and refreshing. However, some of the changes seem either just for the sake of change or simply not well though out. A prime example is a very minor item, but perhaps not so minor for some. For me, it is an irritant since the change was entirely not necessary and in fact makes something that worked well now unworkable.
    I'm referring to the change to the daily sudoku. First, it has been made smaller, which makes it not possible to work through it if the solution requires entering possible values in the individual squares. Second, it is now in the centre of the page rather than the upper or lower half, making it more difficult to fold the page to work on the puzzle. (These are the two problems I have with the soduko in our local paper, and the reason I have always preferred the one offered by the Globe.) Third, for some reason, part of the puzzle is now shaded. Maybe someone thought this would look better, or grab my attention, but in fact it simply makes it more difficult to work with.
    So those are my thoughts. Maybe it's just that your surveys have shown that hardly anyone is interested in sudoku, and it should therefore command less space in the paper. If this is the case, fine - I'll just have to find my soduka somewhere else. My concern would be if these changes were NOT based on any survey of what the customer wants, but rather just design changes that someone who doesn't do sudokos thinks look great. If it doesn't work, looks don't really matter.

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