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  • Russ - 11 years ago

    Bobby, I don't know what you are trying to say, but you failed to finish your remark. Agriculture jobs? The only agriculture jobs that may be lost if Question A is DEFEATED are those farmers who grow the hay and other grains to feed the horses that race at Laurel, Pimlico and Ocean Downs. Also, check out Gulfstream park... This establishment already has shopping AND horse racing AND a casino...and they seem to be doing fairly well. And no, if Question A passes, Laurel Park will profit at the approximate rate of 7-9% of casino profits.

  • bobby - 11 years ago

    I'm AGAINST slots at Arundel Mills. Slots don't belong right outside of any shopping mall. Besides, slots just ten minutes away from Laurel Park will be the end of horse racing (as we know it) in Maryland. Slots in the parking lot at the mall will cause more agricultural jobs to be lost Statewide then the Arundel Mills site can create...

  • Pat - 11 years ago

    I agree we need slots in MD but I think it would be more appropriate and makes more sense to have them at maybe Laurel Race Track where there's already gambling. There's way too much traffic around Arundel Mills now. Either way, I'm all for the slots in MD.

  • Carol - 11 years ago

    I wish all the "vote no" people would stop calling and sending information that is blatantly NOT TRUE. The writer of the article here has is right, it will be in a separate building and last time I visited any casino (Atlantic City, Charlestown, Dover, and Las Vegas included) they have guards checking IDs to get into the building - how is that going to affect our kids? I also agree with the previous poster - I hate going to the mall in the evenings, especially on Friday nights - why do parents drop off their pre-teen and teenaged kids to be babysat by the limited number of security guards and real shoppers at the mall? I consider myself an informed voter - and I knew when I voted FOR slots, that there was a possibility they would go in someplace other than run-down and going bankrupt Laurel Park. If a vote yes was to move the venue the No Slots folks might be able to justify their position, however voting no will eliminate any revenue from slots in the entire county. We in Anne Arundel county (and I live with 2 miles of the mall) would definitely benefit from having slots on the mall property - notice I didn't say AT the mall - as that is not correct. Bass Pro is AT the mall, TGIF's in near the mall, and with the new hotels in the area that would benefit from the venue as well as the taxpayers, I'll be voting FOR SLOTS IN AA County!! Get smart people, get the facts, don't act like lemmings and jump off the cliff into the retoric spouted by the lemmings who jumped on the no slots bandwagon.

  • Anita - 11 years ago

    Slots in Anne Arundel County will boost the economy tremdously. More local jobs, and good ones. More Revenue for our Fire fighters, Police and Emergency Responders. My husband had a heart attack a few years back during a bad storm. We could not get through to 911 for over 15 minutes due to overload. There were so many accidents and non emergency problems that day, lack of personnel almost cost my husband his life. If bringing slots to the Mall area will increase revenue to bring on more emergency staff in our ever populated area, I am so for it. I voted for the slots origionally and I will vote for them again. The mall is Not a place for children, they should never be left at a mall unsupervised, as a shopper I hate going to the mall on Friday nights with all the unsupervised children left there by irresponsibile parents, maybe we should pass a law stating children under the age of 17 should not be in the malls without an adult :) - the retailers would like it, more serious shoppers, less shop lifting, I know I would. :) - And as far as the "Gamblers intermingling - so if Gramdma Smith wins $500.00 at AA County slots in Novmeber, I would be willing to bet she will walk herself over to the Mall and Spend it right there on her Grandkids for Christmas. Has anyone ever thought about what an increase in Revenue it will bring JUST for Arundel Mills Mall??? How wonderful to have more jobs right in the Malls due to the "Gambler's Spending their winnings right here in Anne Arundel County. We should put a skit in a Commercial of just elderly slot winner spending their winnings right heer in our very own County...Let's all get realistic, this is so needed, and I am very excited to Vote Yes.

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