Do cheaters ever deserve a second chance, like the one Demi Moore is giving Ashton Kutcher?

  • elle - 10 years ago

    Cheaters don't deserve another chance. It's the ultimate in disrespect whatever they say. However, if you want to give them another chance set some boundaries on the cheating. Rule #1 don't cheat with ANYBODY in our circle of friends or with whom you work Rule #2 i don't want to know or hear about it, period. Rule #3 you better be home at a reasonable hour no spending time away from home unless you're traveling, observe all social engagments and family outings
    That or some kind of polyamory arrangement. I don't know. Men are horny and want to f* every pretty woman they see. Typically they just look and populate their spank banks unless they get the go ahead from a woman. It doesn't matter how much they love you or how hot you are or what you do. It's all about his d*ck and the opportunity or lack thereof. Have no illusions. Famous men have all the opportunity in the world. I am willing to bet 100% of men with fame and power have cheated.

  • shirley - 10 years ago

    I thank he will be more careful the next time if he don't he is a fool and if he cheat again please kick him in the ass.

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