Should A.I. stay or should he go?

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Posted 9 years.


  • cemil cem - 9 years ago

    heyyy IVERSON, we are wating for u in istanbul. just watch some videos about quearsma who is football player and we will love u more. plz come. just for u, we can do everything....

  • gokhan - 9 years ago

    hey A.I. If you read this, I strongly recommend you to come to Istanbul. there are lots of reasons as some indicated here. First of all,Istanbul is a great city with its beautiful Bosphorus. You will find here a colourful social life.Be sure Istanbul is nicer than lots of cities in Europe and China.Secondly the team you will be playing here has great fan support.ıf you search aliitle youtube you can see how they welcomed Guti and Quaresama (they are soccer stars just like you in Europe)in Inonu Stadium with 25 000 people!, And I see a lot of people even not fans of Besiktas will come to just watch you!Thirdly, even not as rivalry as NBA, Turkish Basketball league is one of the leading leagues in Europe. And maybe the most important one, Turkish people will very welcome you. When you just land to Istanbul Airport you will find yourself in the shoulder of Besiktas fans. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU, MAN!!

  • jacob - 9 years ago

    i think he should go to turkey.and he should show his experience to turkish basketball.and he will be king of turkey...

  • allen - 9 years ago

    join the heat.. youre still the best. just get one ring and exit the nba.

  • orcun - 9 years ago

    Turkish Basketball League is a quality of basketball league in europe. Also, social life is better than other European countries and China. There is no reason to avoid to Istanbul.

  • blackeagles - 9 years ago

    A.I you should come to Turkey. In every game you play, there will be 5000 people chanting just for you. For your information, if you go there you will understand the real meaning of being loved and support. BTW İstanbul is a wonderful city, i m sure you will like it, been to phili couple of times but İstanbul is way better :)..

  • huseyin - 9 years ago

    hey AI
    Come to Turkey please.
    you ll be king in Istanbul.
    We are 25 million Besiktas fan waiting in Turkey .
    You dont know how big we are.

  • jimmy - 9 years ago

    a.i please dont go to turkey i want to watch u playing in the best league of the world the nba..if some team offers u a role like playing of the bench then grab them wat u got.. but if whatever decision u make as a huge fan of u i will always sopprt u even if i wont able 2 watch u playing in turkey..gudlock idol i3 is still my my mvp

  • ai fan - 9 years ago

    AI is the best baller i have ever not kobe or lebron!!

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