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  • David - 12 years ago

    Dear Janet,

    I'm touched by your lovely note. Thank you so much for the sweet words. And thank you for sharing the site with others. I'm proud of our blog community and hope to see it continue to grow.


  • Janet Kay Gallagher - 12 years ago

    Hi David
    I have written little poems for me for several years. I entered a few on poems not listed now) and had some published in their wonderful books-a friend bought a couple so I saw 2 of mine in print. Never was able to purchase one too much money--I wished I had thought of that plan before they did!
    About a year ago I decided to write a novel for Nanowrimo(National Novel Writers Month, 50,000 words in 30 days)
    It now has 48,207 words. July 2009,I joined ORA,SWG and SLeuth's Ink Mystery Writers. Shortly after that I found your site and "Dirt" was my first with you. I still don't feel I fit into your catagories. I am on my way, though. I tell everyone who will listen about your site. I am learning from it. Your group is great to encourage and help others. Those of us who are not scholors don't feel intimidated by the very talented and accomplished because of the kindness they show us.
    There are so many emotions brought out by the poems posted on your site, laughter,tears, sorrow, pain and empathy for those hurting. I think that is what writing is about. The fun chat and feeling of knowing some of these writers is an added benefit. I enjoyed speaking to you at a recent meeting where you spoke to the group.
    I was in a group meeting and names were told-Mary Nida Smith introduced herself. I said,"MARY NIDA from David L Harrison Blog?" "Yes." she said. We had a good conversation after the meeting. The Childrens poetry shows me and I tell everyone," We always hear about the bad kids but you should see what these kids are doing. Some are so much more advanced than me on thrie poems. Love the Site. You have created a great online community! Thanks.
    Janet Kay Gallagher

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