What do you think of the new Gilley's Las Vegas?

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  • Dud Bavis - 8 years ago

    Not terrible... but far from what I hoped a "Gilley's" would be. Positive: Shit yeah, Gimme two Lone Stars! From what I've seen, only bar on the strip that serves the national beer of Texas. Negative: The bull is one of those modern, spin you 'round till you fall off onto a inflatable bouncy castle type BS ripoff. Steve Strange would be terribly disappointed to run this Toro. The music is borderline bro-country and Charlie Daniels would be asked "who are you, again?" at the door. The decor is IKEA COUNTRY quality, but what do you expect? The strip is FAKE reality... accept it and enjoy it dammit, you're on vacation for chrissakes! Don't forget to exit through the gift shop... $8.00 chocolate bars and overpriced, gaudy T-shirts. Sorry Sherwood... they tried.

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