Shelter/Rescue Dog model search. Please vote for your favorite image. You can only vote once so make it count! (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 4,286

  • Tim DeLoe - 11 years ago

    Colby for president!

  • Arlene Archambault - 11 years ago

    Roxy absolutely rocks! And she's amazingly intelligent. We adopted her from the shelter @ age 6 weeks and have had her 4 years. Shelter pets are the way to go. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe your spectacular work, Heather! Thanks for sharing these wonderful dogs.
    Mike, Arlene & Alison

  • Louis LaCivita - 11 years ago

    Wally is a wonderful dog!

  • Joseph LaCivita - 11 years ago

    Cute little puppy!

  • Diane Conroy-LaCivita - 11 years ago

    A wonderful dog!!

  • Pam - 11 years ago

    Coco's school mate Jelly say's "You Go Girl!"

  • Wilbur - 11 years ago

    Ollie looks like me

  • Mary ann toia - 11 years ago

    They are all very beautiful, but Ollies got my vote.

  • Faye - 11 years ago

    p.s. forgot to say that hopefully next year we can vote for more than one!

  • Faye - 11 years ago

    Wally, our Lurcher - you do your Greyhound and Lab heritage proud! 6 months ago you landed in our home, rescued from a kill shelter by Forever Home and your 90 pounds of heart, soul and love you've enriched our lives in ways unimaginable.

    We are sure all you pups have also enriched your families' lives inyour own special ways. Its been an honor and a pleasure to be involved with all of you in this model search - may you all, two legged and four, enjoy many years of running, playing, contentment and joy together.

    Thanks Heather, Sarah and the folks at Dawgdom and the rest involved in this venture. Thanks for honoring these, our special, dogs!

  • Amy - 11 years ago

    Lake Placid loves Otis!

  • nora - 11 years ago

    got to be izzy!

  • Lourdesl - 11 years ago

    YOU ROCK COCO!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  • RALPH SCOTT - 11 years ago


  • nancy tobias - 11 years ago

    Go Ollie!

  • river - 11 years ago

    i love them all. great project.

  • jess - 11 years ago

    Hooray for helpig dogs, Good luck to all the dogs...GO TEAM TANNER!

  • Tish Rabe - 11 years ago

    We love shelter dogs- we're very proud of our shelter cat- Eddie.

  • Sam - 11 years ago

    Oscar has the coolest pic by far.. so classy

  • MARIA - 11 years ago


  • Kathy Darnall - 11 years ago

    Let's hear it for the two beautiful Newf's...You rock Zoe and Ben!!

  • Colby - 11 years ago

    I,m a long time trainer of all breeds, and aformer Vietnam attack dog trainer.I tell you Colby Rocks!!!

  • heather bohm-tallman - 11 years ago

    We will be doing this again next year : )

  • Susan - 11 years ago

    Good Luck Colby!

  • Mike Reo - 11 years ago

    Looks like a winner to me

  • Leann Wallace - 11 years ago

    Go Maxwell!!

  • roxy - 11 years ago

    Way to go Roxy. You are so beautiful. From your Great Grammy

  • Courtney Gelish - 11 years ago

    These pictures are amazing as always! I really hope you do this again next year so that we can include Mack! Thanks for being such a great friend to the rescue pups!

  • erica narduzzo - 11 years ago

    Sadie is so beautiful! She's come so far and she's so lucky to have the best forever home, with the best mom and dad!

  • sarah - 11 years ago

    Go Ollie, from a fellow New Orleanian!!!

  • Pat - 11 years ago


  • Donna Jelovich - 11 years ago

    Go Coco go. You are not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too.

  • wendy - 11 years ago

    very hard to choose, however there is something speical about Colby

  • Emma - 11 years ago

    GO TANNER!!!!!! All these dogs are beautiful and very lucky!

  • Jeff - 11 years ago


  • Mieka - 11 years ago

    These dogs have brought a whole lot of love to their adopting families!
    What a creative idea to develop this calendar. Great photography!

  • Anita - 11 years ago

    All of these puppies are gorgeous and anyone would be proud to have them as pets, if one could. I miss having a pet so much. they are such company. They are more like kids, but require nothing in return (like an education, ha ha) which is so expensive these days, just kidding. They just require love and food. Loved them all, they are all beautiful.

  • ksova - 11 years ago

    go ollie!!

  • pat ann hoffman - 11 years ago

    Rocco is adorable. He looks sweet and intelligent. It will be a close race.

  • MARE - 11 years ago


  • UDR - 11 years ago

    They are all such beautiful animals, and the photos convey so much of their soul. Gosh it was like
    asking a mother to choose their favorite child.

  • Kate - 11 years ago

    Otis is my boy! :) ......but they are all adorable. Love the motivation behind the project. YAY rescues & shelters!

  • Jeanelle - 11 years ago

    Beautiful Dogs

  • Mimi - 11 years ago

    Go Oscar!

  • Diana L snyder - 11 years ago

    How Sweet!!!

  • B. Kastory - 11 years ago

    Colby is smart, friendly and a ham.

  • Kim Waters - 11 years ago

    Team Colby!
    Nothing better than a rescue dog! All are gorgeous!

  • maggie - 11 years ago


  • Jennifer Richard - 11 years ago

    Go Colby!!! All such beautiful dogs!

  • Vanessa Ntabona - 11 years ago

    Chester is such a handsome dog.
    The car hood was the perfect setting!

  • Helene - 11 years ago

    Thank you Heather for giving all these rescues such a great forum to show their stuff and hopefully inspire others to adopt their next canine companion. Hoping that whoever wins, we all buy a lot of calendars to support rescue in our community!!

    Helen of Troy and Chester's mom

  • Sue - 11 years ago

    Otis is the best of them all!!! Rock on Otis!

  • Emilee Greenhouse - 11 years ago

    They are all adorable dogs and it's a amazing how a photo can show their personalities. Great job Heather and what a fabulous way to celebrate rescue/shelter dogs!

  • Mary Daoust - 11 years ago

    I love adorable Chester and beautiful Helen!!

  • Laurie Preece - 11 years ago

    They are all winners as far as I'm concerned. I voted for Helen of Troy. What an absolutely beautiful, but sadly misunderstood dog in such a peaceful, beautiful setting.

  • heather bohm-tallman - 11 years ago

    Nice post Kim! We're hoping to have a page or two of "thumbnail" images of the doggies who don't make the top twelve.
    And yes, they do all rock!!!!

  • Stephanie - 11 years ago

    Helen you are adorable!

  • Kim Saville - 11 years ago

    All of these kids are winners! As a mom of one of the candidates, I say from my heart how blessed we are to have them in our lives and in our homes. I wish they all could have a spot on the calendar as each and every one of them tell a different story of strength, courage, perserverance and unconditional love.

    To all the candidates - You Rock!!!

  • Donna Balkow - 11 years ago

    Cute guy!!....

  • Julie - 11 years ago

    Oscar Oscar he's my man if he can't do it, noone can!!

  • Mia - 11 years ago

    Oscar you rock! So cute :o)

  • Amy - 11 years ago

    LOVE the pics! Iz, you are so cute!!

  • Lisa - 11 years ago

    Good Luck Izzy!!

  • ashley - 11 years ago

    cutest dog ever

  • Kathleen Burrell - 11 years ago

    Frank should win it hands down. I am a little biased (he is a relative)

  • Toni - 11 years ago

    What a beautiful dog great picture and looks so happy and well taken care of GO SADIE :) !!!

  • Nick - 11 years ago

    Go Iz!

  • Pam - 11 years ago


  • christina - 11 years ago

    so hard to choose! everyone would be a great cover model :)

  • sherri - 11 years ago

    Oscar, you are the man!!!

  • Abbey - 11 years ago


  • Tamara - 11 years ago

    Mollie, Mollie, she's our girl...

  • Amy - 11 years ago

    I think there needs to be *3* calendars!!! All the photos are delightful!!

  • Sally Higgins - 11 years ago

    Mollie is adorable!

  • Faye - 11 years ago

    Wally has the inside track to my vote!
    The dogs and the photos are all wonderful - I wish I could vote for more than one as they are all great!

    Heatheryou do good work! You really seem to have a knack of capturing the dogs' personalities!

  • Barb Jones - 11 years ago

    Ruff, Ruff, Ruff! That's dog for ~~~~> vote for Riely!!!!! =)

  • Sara Ellis - 11 years ago

    Everyone is adorable...Too hard to choose!

  • Shannon - 11 years ago

    Go Maxwell!!! Your looking as handsome as ever!!

  • Patricia - 11 years ago

    Who's that behind those Foster Grants? It's sweetheart Izzy!

  • Dale Stull Demy - 11 years ago

    Helen of Troy looks so beautiful. Her life must be a joy!

  • Joan Connors - 11 years ago

    Maxwell all the way

  • Andy - 11 years ago

    Go Macie!

  • Jerrod - 11 years ago

    Macie all the way, he's so cute

  • Jim Connors - 11 years ago

    Maxy Max a great dog, nice picture

  • matt,dylan,&jess =] - 11 years ago

    rock on roxy!

  • Christina Painter - 11 years ago

    Mollie is a covergirl.....

  • George - 11 years ago

    How can you choose just one?
    Everyone of these pups are wonderful!

  • stacy wood - 11 years ago

    These are great pix! I am owned by a rescue chihuahua myself, so the intensity in Beans' eyes spoke to me!
    Please send me an email and let me know where I can purchase a calendar. Thanks!

  • ALMA - 11 years ago


  • Joanna - 11 years ago

    This was so hard to do. I love them all! I can't wait for the calendar to get published!

  • Helen Mastrion - 11 years ago

    Hard to choose, they are all winners; however, Ollie is my favorite! HM

  • Jennifer DeMarco - 11 years ago

    Maxwell that is :)

  • Jennifer DeMarco - 11 years ago


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