Should THI use PETA's sexy nurse poster to let people know that they can improve their heart health by removing fatty and cholesterol-laden meat, milk, and eggs


  • blakmira - 13 years ago

    What does animal cruelty or eating corpses for food have to do with a sexy image? Nothing. How about a photo of an Olympic athlete or a well-muscled nurse surrounded by salads & exotic fruit? I'm not the only one who wishes PETA would lay off the boobs hanging out in every other advertisement. It's not "too stimulating for heart patients," it's just bordering on really annoyingly obvious and obnoxious. Assuming there's other shock-value ways to get the public's attention other than through constant T&A and flashing, the PETA PR department really needs to start using their brains for alternatives.

  • Karen - 13 years ago

    I think if you are going to run a good poll, then you need to be serious about the answers you give people to choose from.
    It is quite obvious you want this ad "approved" by the pollees. Answer "A" is serious and to the point, but answer "B" is almost like it came from the mind of an hormonal 13-year-old boy.
    I don't like the ad. It's sexist and it's erroneous and off-point. The size of a woman's breasts have NOTHING to do with heart health. Nor does it mean she is somehow physically fit. Change the model to someone more realistically healthy -- it can still be a nurse, but please don't continue spreading an unrealistic image of what healthy means to our children (especially girls).
    And next time, please, don't force people to chose an answer you want by providing them a single alternate choice that sounds plain old dumb.

  • Donna Raye Good - 13 years ago

    I have always be an animal lover and they teach me what to do letting me know if they need something. They just fill your heart and love so much and all they went in return is love and care. I am a member of the humain society,and ASPCA, I have only recently learned of your orginization and joined I have never read a real story like your undercover stories or the pictures of the helpless animals I mean I fixing to be a vegetarian, I want to make flyers to put on the cars at PetSmart. That use to be where I shopped. For every poor animal suffering and the ones that have passed I want to be their voice.As I type I just have a anxious feeling what can I do? On disability fixed income so I cant help there but I just have this feeling that I have to do more . I know where to start Petsmart. To think a magazine "AllAnimals"just grabbed my heart" Love, Donna,Tigger,Red,Tinker,Goldy

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