Is Kobe Bryant in your all-time Top 10?

Posted 8 years.


  • MilosSERBIA - 8 years ago

    Nobody deny MJ is #1..he'll always be that..BUT! Also nobody can't show so disrespect to a player like Kobe..He is #2 even now..Best Laker ever by Magic and Gerry West..that mean something,right? Kobe is THE BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME (MJ not included) My pit bull name is LeBron :) but Mamba is the man..hands down..

  • kaizer - 8 years ago

    kobe is one of the geatest player ever.. no doubt

  • PatriCk SantOs - 8 years ago

    bobo prhas kobe ska mj

  • SilverToez - 8 years ago

    Kobe is not as close to Jordan as everyone thinks, Look at Jordans scoring records (10), Kobe (2) and wont be getting any more thats forsure.... Jordans playoff average 33 pts, Kobe 25 pts per game... Jordan MVP s (4) , Kobe MVP s (1) ... and how about finals MVP s , Jordan (6) , Kobe finals MVP s (2) and like what was stated before Kobe wasnt even the most dominate player on his team for three of his championships , Shaq was, Nuff said.... JORDAN WILL BE FOREVER KING and #1 hands down , no contest

  • Jay - 8 years ago

    I would say Kobe is overrated .. Lebron is better. Durant is better...

  • SOK - 8 years ago

    I was reading all those opinions about kobe .... and its not fair to put kobe on that posision ten guards ...come on ....he is in the top five ever played this game ....very close to MJ..... MJ spaks like a little girl try to put herself over the others to proove that done great things... yeah hen done great things ...won championships ...but KOBE technical he is better and very close to MJ....

  • ericson young villasoto - 8 years ago

    being an nba great fanatic.. i can say kobe is one of the best guards/player in his generation.. but, if i consider the entire nba story... there are lots of best guards better than kobe... may be he belongs to top20... but not in the top 10...

  • Mykal - 8 years ago

    from an international perspective, when Jordan played he as a household name around the world and basketball was huge worldwide purely because of him and other true legends like Bird, Kareem, and Magic. Now, no one outside of the USA and basketball fans give a shit about the NBA or today's stars, including Kobe. And the argument that having a ring makes you a legendary player worthy of a top ten spot is bullshit. Great players such as Stockton, Malone, and Ewing never won a ring yet would still be considered legendary players (although not top ten). Yes, Kobe is by far the best player playing at the moment, and until he gets another player that is worthy of challenging him, he will never be worthy of a top ten position. That's what Bird and Magic great - the challenge. Also, I could never see Kobe getting more rings than Wilt or Bill Russell - how many have they got? double figures, isn't? I agree with Simon's list above - although he did miss out on Dr J.

  • bordoys99 - 8 years ago

    Obviously, Jordan will never give in to Kobe's prowess - anytime, anywhere! Who would, looking at his stature? That's why he has "Air" for his middle name, right? Padding it up to 'Top 10' instead of 'Top 5' would put enough distance from competition so he can safely say Kobe's got a looong way to go, even by this time when Kobe's about to get his 6th ring!

  • Michael - 8 years ago

    wow all these kobe fans are retarded. You think he's in the top 10 of ALL TIME for every position? Really? Think about all the LEGENDS that played the game: Jordan, Magic, Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabarr, Wilt Chamberlain, Robert Parish, Stockton, Malone, Patrick Ewing, James Worthy, Jerry West, and so many others that I could name that I would put over Kobe. He's a great player. But he is no where near a legend like those guys

  • chris - 8 years ago

    man you guys are dumb.. the only reason mj expresses kobe as only a top 10 guard is because by mj automaticallyplacing kobe higher on that list, that degrades the greats that mj played with such as magic bird and them. and mj isnt trying to degrade his long time friends by placing somebody who hasnt even finished his career higher

  • Orrin Jax - 8 years ago

    Michael Jordan is sounding like a bitter old beauty pageant has-been who is insecure about her place in pageant history. Grow up, fool! Kobe had Shaq, but you had Pippen. MJ, you shed tears when Magic got HIV and had to stop playing because you yourself said there really was no one to measure yourself to anymore. Kobe has plenty of competition from today's high flyers and athletes that could play guard/center/forward, just like Garnett or Kevin Durant or Nowitzki. Sure the defense was tougher back then, but few teams had truly great scorers like MJ.

  • jordanthegreatest - 8 years ago

    Obviously, as time passes you youngsters that are only use to seeing Kobe put up shot after shot and win the games do you think he is the best. You need to obtain all the old footage of Michael Jordan and watch when he was double and triple teamed and everyone knew he was getting the ball and he always won in the most difficult situation. Hands down the most dominant clutch basketball player ever!! Kobe became who he is because of Michael. Not only that but Michael never have a dominant big man to play with and still won 6 championships (an unknown in NBA basketball before this time). He was also a top defensive player in the league multiple times of which Kobe is NOT and never has been. There is more to basketball than just scoring lots of points. Michael was also was an underrated guard in assists and rebounds. Michael played against Bird and Magic with some of the best overall teams of all time if you look at team play and player consistency across the board on the teams. He also played against the Pistons and some of the top defenses to ever be in the league. The NBA today is about flashy one on one show off basketball. Its not about "real" basketball and no one really defends. If you take all of this, there is no comparison that Jordan is the greatest of all time. If you do not believe it, take Kobe's greatest games and game finishes and then also get Jordan's and compare the players in the game, level of defense, and difficulty in completion. No comparison. Kobe is a top 10 guard and that is an accurate statement. He cannot change this unless he can somehow learn to "time travel to a time when basketball was competitive and real, lets see how he would do with Jordan Rules from Detroit."

  • ezra - 8 years ago

    oscar robertson, magic johnson, michael jordan, isiah thomas, pete maravich, jerry west, john stockton, bob cousy, clyde drexler, allen iverson,

    i think Jordan's comment was fair i listed 10 other gaurds that people might try and say are better than kobe, Jordan is saying hes better than AT LEAST one of them probably more, but a top 10 gaurd of all time is still pretty good, however kobe is not a top 10 player of all time

  • Daniel Evidente - 8 years ago

    Kobe has 5 championships and counting , jordan...6...but scottie has 6 too....and they both did that with the likes of Rodman, Grant, Harper.etc....geesh...they were up against teams too far from the level of last years boston celtics....KOBE is no. 1 all pretty sure.. he'll prove that in 3 to 5 years...and maybe retiring with about 9 championships...

  • Faik Sardag - 8 years ago

    Top 10 Guards

    1. MJ
    2.Magic Johnson
    3. Jerry West
    4. Bob Cousy
    5. Oscar Robertson (guard/forward?)
    6. Kobe

  • JR tablate - 8 years ago

    jordan is spot on, kobe is in the top ten right now, between 8th-10th...why??
    record speaks for kobe..

    VERY LOW field goal %, and thats in the finals....he shoots around 45% or lower..IN THE FINALS folks

    he only has 2 finals mvp award, CLEARLY says that 3 of the 5 championships he has right now,lakers won THREE of those NOT because of him(kobe)....

    not even a single defensive player award...

    KOBE always had bad relationhip with his coach..

    nowhere near 30 PPG in his career...

    nowhere near being a scoring champion 9 or 10 times??

    and he is not a ROLE MODEL... jordan is no saint as well... but not as GRAVE as kobe... what was that kobe did in denver, on a resort/hotel with one of the resort/hotel employee...hmmmmm.... kobe settled the case outside the court... hmmmmmm....


  • Ray - 8 years ago

    The only point that is important to me is MJ has been the most dominant player on his team and in the league for all 6 of his rings. Kobe has only done it twice. Until Bean wins 6 on his own not counting the 3 with Shaq he wont be better than MJ. He has only been the most dominant for 2 titles. If you cant see THAT I suggest you go back and watch the first 3 titles Kobe won and watch how much of an unreal beast Shaq was back then...

  • dave ventura - 8 years ago

    michael jordan is right...... kobi didin't win championship by himself he won 3 championship ring with shaquile oneil, he is second only to shaq the man.... im not a jordan fan...even if kobi won many more championship ring than jordan he cannot surpass his airness....

  • Harry - 8 years ago

    Jordan, Bird, Magic, Doc J, Russel, Chamberlain, Bryant, Olajuwon, Duncan, L. James (but he needs a few rings...).
    In my mind, to be in the top 10 all time, a player has to have changed the way the game is played and make Bball evolve. Jordan, Bird, J, Magic, Chamberlain, Russel all did that. With Bryant, the numbers are there for sure so you can't overlook that but he hasn't yet imposed his signatures for future ball players. Duncan brought back to the league the importance of fundamentals and technique. James, well he's a bball machine, but rings are what go down in the history books. Let's see what happens this season...

  • Ryan Burtnett - 8 years ago

    I would never try to take anything away from Kobe and all he has accomplished. He's an incredible talent, has won five (and counting) championships, and is, in my opinion, a top 15 all time player. However, I think a lot of people, particularly younger fans who don't know their basketball history like they should, see the here and now and tend to forget about the rest. I'm seeing a lot of people throw around Kobe's name and Jordan's name as if they are the only two players in the debate about who are the best players of all time. How have we forgotten about Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, George Mikan, Jerry West, Bob Cousy, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Havlicek, Pete Maravich, Julius Erving, Elgin Baylor, Bob Pettit, Willis Reed, Nate Archibald, Rick Barry, Walt Frazier, George Gervin, Hal Greer, Sam Jones (won 10 champs), Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone, Bill Walton etc. etc. etc. etc...

  • JAMCLAN4EVER - 8 years ago

    Kobe Bryant has to be considered not only in the top five, but even the top 3. Kobe Bryant has been to 7 NBA Finals, which means he has won the west 7 times, more times than Jordan won the east. Like Jordan, Kobe has been an elite defender which seperates him from a lot of the top guards of all time. It is obvious that the fan base is either love or hate and Kobe's negative press has shaped a lot of these oppinions, if you look at basketball and only basketball, you must not have a clue if you don't rank Kobe in the top 5. Sorry Jordan, your personal oppinion got in the way this time, look at the whole body of work on the court and leave your emotions out of it and you will find Kobe in the same breath as you and when Kobe's career is over, possibly leaving you in the second postion. Imagine if the Lakers beat the Celtics or Miami in the finals this year. Would that then be enough for you haters to come to reality. The sad fact is some people can't take their personal bias out of conversations like these and its just what athletes, or any public figures these days have to deal with. Kobe finds ways to win, and even in the Shaq years was undermined in his contributions. He stayed with a team that hit some lows and rebuilt and did it again. Sorry, Lebron, you will never be able to say that. Jordan did bring his team from the bottom to the top , but also won championships with a grand supporting cast. Jordan won the hearts of most basketball fans and this is the only true difference , not facts, just likeablity. Kobe has proven he has no real weakness on the court and can rise to levels if not greater then, equal to anyone who has ever pleayed this game. This is coming from a guy who itilized Magic Johnson growing up , In saying that I can seperate the styles and still put things into perspective, some of you should try doing the same.

  • nic - 8 years ago

    7.DR J

  • dirtyp - 8 years ago

    jordan is an angry hater

  • andre - 8 years ago

    what the hell is jordan thinking, with all respect to what jordan has achieved, he's either caught up in the fumes of the"his airness" title or he doesn't want to truly admit, that kobe, if you respect at all what he has done is at his throat. I mean he has done all but had a statue built after him and given the privilege of being the new nba logo for this era(1996-present) no disrespect but what jordan used to do, i know it was innovative and brought creativity to the game and thats without question, but this era kobe plays i---everone can jump, everyone can shoot, and everyone knows your moves, jordan played in an era were he was the first, hell by the 90s they were still trying to figure his style out, dont get me wrong they held defense but it didnt matter, and for kobe to play in the era were everyone has the "airness" qualities here and there and to be considered on top of the pack that has superstars that jordan didnt play against, example: when jordan was at the top of his game he didnt have two or three stars to come in the league that people could argue as being his equal, you mean the legend/ hall of famer/ airness--MJ would fail to acknowlede that.......obviously respect is due to the jerry wests, elgin baylors, n etc. Hell even Ali knew that george foreman could knock him off his pedistle before he fought him. All Im trying to say is he doesnt get as much respect as jordan did, like fouls: the way they put hands in and on and THROUGH his face and he still makes baskets like he was shooting against elementary kids, you would consider that top 10 jordan? kobe has to hurt a knee, twist an ankle, or injure a finger to get a call, all jordan had to do was put his hands on his hips and chew his gum, heck i bet referees gave jordan some of the calls so his fans wouldnt bother them off the court, but todays refs wont give kobe a call because they think his haters are gonna mob them, anyway, much love to jordan and all the other deserving legends, but dont cut short the one person who can give you a run for your money, WITHOUT A FAN-BASE BEHIND HIM!!!

  • simon - 8 years ago

    And let's not forget Kevin Durant, youngest player ever to lead the NBA in scoring.............

  • simon - 8 years ago

    And Thank you for mentoning Tyreke Evans his rookie stats are legendary............. far better than kobe's were

  • simon - 8 years ago

    Lebron and Wade may someday make this list.....................

  • brandon - 8 years ago

    its about time i seen someone bring up oscar robertson in one of these conversations thank you thank you thank you an kobe should be considered a top ten player of all time why not the man wins games the team would have struggles with out him. better than mj not sure yet kobe still has A LOT of basketball in him for people to say he will never pass mj the "GOAT" an who is to say that wade or lebron down the line can not become more dominant than what past or present stars HOF'ers have done tyreke is a very young very gifted athlete this is also a diff. type of basketball than what mj played in but yea kobe has the tangibles to become as good or better than jordan who changed the way people play the game

  • simon - 8 years ago

    1.M. Jordan 2.Bill Russel 3.Wilt Chamberlain 4.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5.Magic Johnson

    6.Oscar Robertson 7.George Mikan 8.Bob Cousy 9.Larry Bird 10. Kobe Bryant

  • tipsy - 8 years ago

    Never-ever reached a decent 47% FG in 14 years of carreer..I mean...c'mon. Far far away from the all time tops.
    Cool moves, interesting player to watch, but def not a top ten.

  • Bill McBlaze - 8 years ago

    Kobe alwayz gonna be top 10

  • marcus - 8 years ago

    well, mj is/will forever be the #1. he was the most dominant player on his team & in the league, even without scotty pippen. kobe had shaq his first three rings, when shaq was the most dominant player. and to forget about oscar robertson who had a triple double for a whole season! it's crazy.
    recently, the only player to even come close to that was lebron. okay, lebron doesn't have a ring yet, but that will come. wait and see.
    in my opinion kobe ranks in the top 3 among guards and definetly in the top 10 of all time. but he will never pass mj, sorry

  • David - 8 years ago

    At this point in time, Kobe is #2 only to Jordan with time to pass Jordan. Most people look at championships KB (5) MJ (6) but if Kobe defeats Wade and Lebron this year and next he will be the undisputed #1 player of all times. Right now Jordan is #1 Kobe is a very close #2.

  • gerb - 8 years ago

    kobe is a better clutch shooter and will soon have more Championships than Jordon and dont forget Jorden had another top 5 player in the league at the time, Scotty Pippen---KOBE#1

  • Ray - 8 years ago

    @ Kemo, you have to be a young dude to say that someone needs to shut up for giving their opinion. However I do believe that Kobe is the second best guard behind MJ. Kobe has a chance to equal or surpass MJ with championships. You have to remember that Shaq was the most dominate player when Kobe won his first 3 rings he was not yet on the level that MJ was on when he won all 6 of his rings. So I will never be able to say that Kobe will ever be better than MJ. He is really close though and is even better at the end of games, but the edge will always go to MJ. Its about the numbers the can't be compaired, 30.1per game for his career ( rediculous numbers) 6 finals mvps and 4 league mvps (and was good enough to win mvp every yr in the league). To me if Kobe wins more rings than MJ it wont matter unless he wins 4 more WITHOUT SHAQ. Kobe is in the same class as MJ but better its close but I dont think so...

  • Koz - 8 years ago

    jordan was on a level nobody came close to untill now which kobe bryant is as close to that as anyone has ever been. He is the second best player to ever play the game of basketball. hands down. and it is very close

  • kemo - 8 years ago

    jordan was wrong, kobe( black mamba) is in top 3 gruad in all time. jordan need to shut fuck up...

  • rob b - 8 years ago

    jordan is the greatest hand down, but him being that, he shouldnt try to reduce kobes role and how is looked up to today, by placing him ridicoulsy in his idea/opinion of ranking, kobe is the greatest today, reason being "he wins!!!!" lebron, great player, k-d great player, but. no rings, to win is to be a champion, to be a champion is to win, champions are great

  • Tyrone - 8 years ago

    no no no no jorden was right kobe is not the top ten to play the game only in guards to say top five is disrespect to Micheal Jorden and to Julious Erving the two kings of basketball kobe still have work to do

  • Henry - 8 years ago

    To say that he only in the top ten in Guards is ridiculous. Hes a top 5 player ever now.

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