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  • Sofie - 13 years ago

    If I turn over to the back of a book, I want to see a teaser of what the book's about. That's the entire reason I'm looking at the back - to know more about the book. I'll generally ignore any quotes unless they're from one of my top-ten authors, and more than one or two quotes is likely to put me off the book - I find them a poor indication of whether or not I'll enjoy a book and a page full of them gets annoying. If a book has a back full of quotes and no teaser, it goes straight back on the shelf unless the cover really interested me or it's an author I love.

    For brutal honesty: those quotes in particular on a published novel would give me-as-a-reader the impression that you weren't able to find anyone worth naming who was willing to give you a quote, and resorted to making them up. Were they from named sources, I'd still probably ignore them. Sorry.

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