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Posted 9 years.


  • czer - 7 years ago


  • Chronic11 - 7 years ago

    Royce killed this shit...and you all fucking know it

  • Meech - 7 years ago

    Banks was the best barely tho Joe n fab did they usual Joe over did it a bit n fab was just chillen as 4 Royce his shit was corny as fucc sounded like he was tryna overcompensate he was tryna go to hard wit some lame ass bars they shoula cut his verse there was no need 4 a forth verse

  • marlon ogazi - 8 years ago

    yep i think Fabolous is dope...Bank to stepup his game...Budden kinda ok....Royce havnt heard of him!

  • DaTruth - 8 years ago

    I don't even wanna vote cause they all killed it! It's a real toss up between Joe and Fab's verse 4 the best but Banks is a close 2nd...Royce was cool but didn't come quite as hard as the rest with the flow & lyrics. is crazy from top 2 bottom!

  • killvybz - 8 years ago

    Wow never scream wow till peeps around thought I'm mad since the days of old hov!omg royce!u even made the othas sound gabbage!eventho fab one of his hottest lines.royce u an alien,u not from planet earth!4 d record ama joe fan.dis one:royce,fab,joe.banks!?wat is he doin?

  • Jerz - 8 years ago

    Royce, Joe, Fab, banks, Royce's verse overall was the best, best delivery, punchlines were on point, word play was great and flow was jus dope, "Dont call us if the bitches aint flawless, if they are then we can hang, like aretha franklin bra less" lol one of my favorite lines from royce on this song

  • nate - 8 years ago

    i take that back. just listened to budden's verse. it's just that most tracks i've heard from him it just seems just alright. now, here's a track to listen to:

  • nate - 8 years ago

    i don't see anything good about fabolous OR joe budden. mediocre hip hop.

  • lilfr4nkie - 8 years ago

    ITS HARD TO SPIT SALIVA WHEN I SPIT FIRE SO I'LL JUST.. put some sugar in your gas tank, put a banana in your tail pipe... SO THE CAR CAN FIT THE DRIVER!!! what?!! are you serious! every one held they're own bur royces little finisher was perfect, shout outs to all of em.

  • j spite - 9 years ago


  • ryan - 9 years ago

    Banks hands down then fab then budden, royce was the weakest. If u think differently you ain't bout the music straight up. PLK ALL DAY! FAB AKA COMPETITION KILLA. WHEN HMF2 YOU'LL HEAR WHAT A BEAST SOUNDS LIKE.

  • WOW - 9 years ago

    I guess you dummies dont know what good lyrics are... Cop Royces album when it comes out, but when you hear hfm 2 you'll realize real nigga shit

  • Eazy - 9 years ago

    i still think budden definatelyy had the best verse second is real close wit fab and royce i feel like i change my mind every time i listen to it haha.. and banks is probably my favorite outta these 4 and he still killed it but he came in last on this one

  • j- rilla - 9 years ago

    damn i shoulda neva started this thing. But after listening 2 tha song a couple more times they all murked it. But still gotta rep jerz. Buddens 1st, Royce & Fab a tie both of them killed it. Banks............well...........he just dont belong on this song wit them. It should have been crooked i,or joel ortiz. THIS IS JUDGED BY LYRICS & FLOW.

  • Jb - 9 years ago

    I think it goes Fab and Joe is kinda a tie and then Royce and finally Banks. Fab was sayin some shit lol . Some niggas dont even know who Jeff Goldblum is lol. Royce u did ur thing dont get me wrong but Joe and Fab shit was better.

  • SmittyWes - 9 years ago

    I think Royce been on this votin for himself, worst verse... Worst rapper. Rate Banks #1 Budden and Fab at #2, Royce at #12

  • Cal_Rip - 9 years ago

    Banks, Budden, Fab, Royce... Anything else, y'all are stupid

  • Chaldo - 9 years ago

    @ Royce: lol that aint even you bro, stop frontin. Anyway nickel killed it, no competition...he always kills it. And to the REAL ROYCE: REPRESENT THE CHALDEANS BRO, you haven't givin us any rep lately

  • ABC - 9 years ago

    WOW Royce? No fucking way, he was the worst... Banks Fab Budden and who was on the last verse? I dont even know

  • WAVECRAZEDJ - 9 years ago


  • Omega Blaq - 9 years ago

    After the 5th listen, Fab is second behind Royce, THEN Budden, then Banks. They coulda left Banks off and put Joell on instead....that woulda been CRAZY. Royce bodied this track though!

  • Omega Blaq - 9 years ago

    Royce MURDERED this joint. Michigan is in the buildin! Budden wit the CLOSE 2nd. Banks and Fab was both decent but gahbage in comparison to Slaughterhouse.

  • Royce Da 5'9" - 9 years ago

    yo fresh u crazy....go listen to wacka flocka u flame.

  • fresh - 9 years ago

    i think banks had da best verse fab and joe was about the same. i thought royce was the least. not saying dat he wasnt spittin hard, i jus wasnt feeling how he flowed on the song. made it a lil uneasy. i kno niggaz think they can take da song by switchin da flow up. didnt work for me on dis one.

  • Royce Da 5'9" - 9 years ago

    That's exactly what I said Johnny, I'm glad you agree. We all appreciate the support. Go cop that new Banks album coming soon. Slaughterhouse album coming real soon! We in the building!!

  • Johnny Rivera - 9 years ago

    In my opinion I think Royce took this, then Fab because he flowed smoothly with the beat, then Joey, and finally Banks. But they all did their thing, no body was weak!

  • Nick Francis - 9 years ago

    My man Joey definitely took this track, however Royce Nickel-Nine brought it hard as well. Fab and Banks are a little commercialized now, but they are two of the best rappers on the mainstream circuit. In conclusion, Joe is a mythogical creature to be able to out-do these very talented artists. YO SLAUGHTERHOUSE, RELEASE THAT SHADY ALBUM ALREADY!!!

  • kevin johnson - 9 years ago


  • Kevin johnson - 9 years ago


  • Fabolous - 9 years ago


  • Royce Da 5'9" - 9 years ago

    Thanks buddy. I appreciate it.

  • NYC - 9 years ago

    its a dope hiphop song no matter what, fabolous and royce killed it though

  • HRS - 9 years ago

    Deff Joey 1st every1 else falls in even tho i did like Fabs verse too

  • candymanisking - 9 years ago

    @royce lol joey then you

  • Dahir - 9 years ago

    @royce... Yea u right.. u took this BUT joe was RIGHT behind you... FAb was LAST... he came with it tho.. BANKs went innn PAUSE!1.. lol
    mm4= CLASSiC!!

  • Royce Da 5'9" - 9 years ago

    Actually I killed this song first, then Fab, then Joey, then lastly my man Banks....but we all killed it. My verse was definitely the best verse, hands down. Now hands up!

  • j-rilla - 9 years ago

    BUDDENS MURKED dis song, then royce da 5'9', fab actually spitt somin hot 4 a change. and banks is out of all their leagues, he's ass now. Props 2 Slaughterhouse. Fab & Banks 2 commercial now.
    -C'mon Jersey, all day-

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