Palm owners, what's your current US wireless carrier?

  • Brian - 12 years ago

    Sprint definitely needs to realize that the Palm followers have been waiting for a new Palm device to be released... Nothing happened with the Pre Plus and the Palm users remained loyal assuming a newer device was sure to come soon and now the Palm Pre 2 is being released and Sprint still hasn't picked it up.. If something from Palm isn't released on Sprint soon they without a doubt will lose a large amount of customers, even I am considering Verizon when I never have before and I've been with Sprint for over 10 years... I hope this poll is sent to Sprint and the right people review it, they need to be aware of this and make an announcement and let us know

  • RUSH - 12 years ago

    There isn't very much left for me to say. I've done my part from sending Emails, talking to Sprint Customer Service, and leaving messages on Sprint FB website.

    I'm very disappointed in Sprint lack of Commitment to their loyal customers. I'm not getting the Evo, or an Android phone Sprint. It will be a cold day in hell ~ before I do that.

  • Kevin - 12 years ago

    It is not HP/Palm that chooses carriers! It is the carriers that choose phones!
    Go to the Sprint Facebook page & voice you displeasure!! There is also the the Sprint Contact page where you can email them about this! MANY of us already have! (here's the link:

  • Kipp - 12 years ago

    I've been waiting and waiting (1yr now) for Sprint to get a new Pre. The contracts on my Centro, and two other phones, are up and I want to upgrade them all to advanced Pres but Sprint just doesn't want to play. I don't get what they are thinking. They have a large Palm following on their network but it seems that they just don't care and are going to force each of their Palm users to another provider. I'd rather not go but I'm getting tired of waiting.

  • RonD - 12 years ago

    It's a shame that HP/Palm will be leaving out the thousands of loyal Sprint users for the new Pre2. I just hope they realize their mistakes and correct that. I will not change carriers for a phone, Verizon's service and plans just flat out suck.

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