What do you expect to see in Lebanon by 2020?

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  • Juan Del Pueblo - 12 years ago

    The very structure of the political system in Lebanon is one of the greatest challenges for Lebanon to advance. It promotes clan like ties and interactions which forces the different "political" factions to seek help from the exterior rather than sitting with their Lebanese brother/sister to find a solution to the issue at hand.

    Other countries seem to befriend the Lebanese people, but don't be mistaken that when push comes to shove, they will side with what is beneficial to them and their country first. People in charge of the country seem to either not understand this or choose to ignore it for what ever reason, or worst yet, don't care as long as they end on the "winning" side.

    Power is the biggest corruption catalyst, independent of the initial intentions of the person in power. The Lebanese people should seek legislation to force our beloved leaders (and their sons for Lebanon is a republic and not a monarchy) out of power after a certain number of terms (2 at the most).

    Last but not least, our leaders are just human. They seek what is beneficial to them and in most cases, independent of the consequences to the people they are supposed to be servants to. As long as the Lebanese people follow their leaders blindly and without holding them accountable, there will never be progress in any field.

    For the reasons above mentioned above and others, Lebanon will not see any kind of meaningful progress. At least not in my life time.

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