Which title interests you most?


  • Tony DiMeo - 13 years ago


    At first I was leaning towards 'Kisses & Killers' but hten more I thought about it, the less I liked it. If it's a romance with a murder subplot then by all means - 'Kisses & Killers' is a winner.

    But If it's a coming of age story neither is really quite right. The Summer Boy foucses on Jesse, and Iget the sense that the story is really Jesse AND Lola's. Top of my head maybe something like 'Killing Summertime' might work. The events of the story effectively "kill" the characters "summer"- i.e. innocence, and force them to grow up.

    Just a thought.

  • dmcwild - 13 years ago

    Hi Ray,

    I also voted no because I think you can do better. You need a title that plays off both the murder and the passion.

    If it was me I would call it -- TEXAS HEAT which in my opinion covers both.


  • Perry - 13 years ago

    Hi, of the two titles I like The Summer Boy better, it reflect the coming of age. Kisses and Killers reads like a gritty mystery/thriller, to me.

    I think Ray is giving you great advice.

  • Ken - 13 years ago

    Ray, I think both titles are too vague and don't hint at what the reader can expect from the book. Kisses & Killers sounds like a romance novel, and while your book has elements of romance in it, I don't think this is what you are going for. My advice is this: since the book is about the 1950s, research some of the book titles from that period to get an idea what they were coming up with. If I had to choose between The Summer Boy and Kisses & Killers, I would choose The Summer Boy, but I still think you can come up with something stronger.

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