When are you going trick-or-treating?

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  • Patti - 10 years ago

    I think Trick or Treating should always be the Saturday afternoon from 2-4 before Halloween. During the day is much safer for everyone involved and it doesn't interfere with children going to school. This simple "Holiday" has become a 2-3 day event because children have to celebrate in school and at the mall and through their neighborhoods. Let's limit it to 2mhrs on and afternoon.

  • Richard de Meij - 10 years ago

    On the air, it was said that Sunday is the "Sabbath." Sunday, ... the Sabbath? According to whom? The entire Bible, from cover-to-cover (the New Testament included), refers to the Sabbath as the period between Friday sunset and Saturday sunset. Nowhere does the Bible refer to Sunday as the Sabbath! Those who claim to be Christians, and at the same time claim Sunday as their "sabbath," ought to engage in a prayerful re-reading and re-studying of the Word of God, the foundation of the Christian Faith, which is the Bible. It is the "tradition of men" that claim Sunday as the "sabbath" in stark contradiction of the Biblical fact.

  • Charles Egeler - 10 years ago

    Our Village Council, after being approached by concerned residents, decided to keep Halloween as "Halloween" on October 31. We are in a small village in northern Michigan called Elk Rapids. There is no school here this coming Monday so they felt there would be no conflict. Religious local groups opposed to this holiday simply don't participate OR they go door to door for canned good donations for the local food pantry . . . Yeah! Win, win for all!

  • Gerald Shell - 10 years ago

    I.m 74, I wouldn't go t&k if I could, but if i wanted to, I certainly woulddn,t go on the LORD"S Sabbath Day. God's Holy Word say's ''rEMEMBER THE SABBATH DAY AND KEEP HOLY".(EX. 20:8)

  • Peter - 10 years ago

    Is this your idea of "News"? Are there not things that people might actually need to know about?

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