SQL SERVER – Are you a Database Administrator or a Database Developer?

  • Ashwini Kumar Padhy - 10 years ago

    Hi Guys,
    I am working as a Software engineer,but my daily task is to monitor DB task but i want to become a DB developer.Please help me ,how can i become a database developer.Because in our company no scope for DB developer .

  • Thiru - 10 years ago

    DBD is best option to take forward our carrier

  • hienptt - 11 years ago

    i am database developer and i really like this job. i work in a small company, so i take a part in database design, and some time backup - restore database. My often job is coding tables, constraints, triggers, function, stored procedures.
    i really like working as database developer; and i really really NOT like working as database administrator.

  • Jayasimha - 12 years ago

    As a database guy both development skills & Administration skills are very important.I Belive administraor task is bit Challenging as Decisions need to be take Quickly & sometime risks. But as a developer I may find sometime to fix something. But when we have good development skills we may avoid much administrator tasks. eg.when we need to write a script we may judge impact of that script on server in words of performance etc.So my view is both are like two faces of a same coin we cant say which one is important.

    Thanks Pinal for Good Poll.

  • Raghu - 12 years ago

    Hi, I am Doing all the activity related to Database..Normally we can not say that this is not my Job so. We Have to Have the all knowledge like Pinel. Thanks All !

  • Akash Singh - 12 years ago

    Hello, I am database developer. I write store procedures,functions,triggers etc..... in sql 2005. Also i know DBA activities also...But professionally i am database developer....

  • Santosh Kadam - 12 years ago

    I am Database Developer but I do the Backups/Restores/Monitoring dbs etc. which are DBA activities.

  • AZAD SALE - 12 years ago

    i am a sql DBA.but i am also creative.

    in order to fine tune my day 2 day DBA activities i have 2 become a developer and think like a developer.
    its a way to be creative.

  • Jatin Kacha - 12 years ago

    I think what pinal has intially pointed out that it is really hard to figure out that exactly what is ur role if you have SQL expertise.
    Generally seen in small organization, A DEVELOPER is responsible for doing both the activities. He is doing sql code optimization, writting complex sql queries, solving database level issues, maintain backups and responsible making DB server available 24x7.
    But i personally feel that these two branches are separate having requiring a knowledge of other branch as well..

  • Riyaz - 12 years ago

    Hi all,

    As a DBA, one should know the basic concepts of development also, so that it will help us to analyse the performance of the application also.
    In my opinion, the developer does not need to have any basic knowledge in Administration,
    but as a DBA, it is compulsory to have the basic knowledge in the development area also.

    Mainly It depends on the organisation levels.


  • vijayan j - 12 years ago

    Hi all,

    The same question was raised in my mind on long times ago, but myself i found the solution as, suppose consider if you are a DB Developer and not willing to do the Admin task (viseversa..)what happen when your possition goes higer(think developer to manager)?. On that time you cant say to your belowed persons to i dont know the admin task,So as a DataBase guy you should invole all the activities depends on your technology.Finally it comes under what technology u r.

  • Karthikeyan - 12 years ago

    Being a Database develper is a entry to database programming.When we called as a Database Adminstrator then obviously he/she should be a database developer also. My Formulae is

    Database Developer = Database programming
    Database Administrator = Database Developer + Admin Works

  • Vinit - 12 years ago

    My work is to do database programming, writing stored procedure, indexing and backup and restoring database. so I am doing both type of work sometimes developer and administrator. But I think for database administrator , it includes many more work. I don't have more idea. But I think I am database developer.

  • Varinder Sandhu - 12 years ago

    Actually my JOB Profile is Software Engineer, i am working on many thing even in software development, Enhancements. But i yes i spend lot of time in Database work ..like scripting, managing and monitoring SQL server like Backup jobs (creating a new backup jobs also) , performances etc

    Though i like to work as DBA

  • Tahir - 12 years ago

    Basically I was hired for the post of Software Engineer. When I got hired now I am supposed to do many things i.e. Sql server installations, looking after other issues like Sql Agent job monitoring etc.

    Since we are having a medium organization and one person is supposed to have different faces.

    Though I love to be a DBA.

  • Manoj - 12 years ago

    I think it's just a matter of time when everyone involved in the databases will be a developer/designer for databases in the cloud. Database Administrator would be an obsolete term.

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